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you keep ignoring me

  1. I emailed you. I paid for a package on the wrong website ten days ago. I bought the exact same package for the other website. I want the other package removed and my money credited to my card. Why don't you have a customer support number? I thought this was the good company, the professional one.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    This is a peer-to-peer support forum: you're mostly talking to experienced fellow bloggers volunteering, not to WP representatives.

    The preferred route for contacting WP staff is the Support contact form:
    Before contacting them this way, check your spam folder.

  3. You didn't email me. Next time enclose a twenty dollar bill.

  4. But if you use the Support form, you are unlikely to get a reply. That's a statistical fact.

  5. You missed the detail that he paid. If you pay, you get staff attention.

  6. I pay and I don't. What I am I doing wrong?! Should I identify myself in some way?

  7. If you have a problem with an upgrade you've paid for, say that.

  8. @raincoaster,

    I (politely) spammed your (humorous but) unnecessary $20 comment.

  9. @davidderrick

    If you have a problem with an upgrade you've purchased, then please contact Support directly:

  10. @joewade

    As justpi noted, you must contact Support for a refund. We volunteers cannot help you.

    If you have already done so but have not yet received a reply, check the spam folder on your email—sometimes messages are mistakenly spammed.

  11. @davidderrick:

    if you use the Support form, you are unlikely to get a reply. That's a statistical fact.

    a) A reply to a privately sent mail will take longer than a reply to a ticket submitted via the Support contact form.
    b) How many users do you have "statistics" for? In my experience you always get a reply, just not as fast as you used to.

  12. Well, in my experience, asking sensible stuff that is not relevant on the forums, not.

  13. The key answer to the OP's question has been answered:

    • If one has a problem with a paid upgrade, including the need for a refund or the need to correct a mistake, then one must contact support to put in a support ticket.
    • wait for an answer
    • meanwhile check email spam filter (just in case)
    • note: don't repeatedly send support tickets because that moves your answer farther down the queue
    • volunteers in the forums can neither make refunds on upgrades nor ameliorate "shoddy" service

    All that said, I'll close this topic because that is all that can be done here.

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