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You know you are getting old when......

  1. So many people are in denial about getting old.What are the tell tell signs besides the obvious number of years??So lets have some fun.Begin with "You know you are getting old when................

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  2. You know you are getting old when nothing surprises you anymore.

  3. Or when you can't remember...wait, what was the question?

  4. The story you are telling is more about when it happened than what happened. Heard from an older couple:

    "Back in mid-September 1987..,"
    "No, it wasn't September, don't you remember it was snowing?"
    "It was snowing in mid-September 1987. Don't you remember that he Olsens down the street had gotten kittens?"
    "No, they got kittens in the summer of 88. I remember that because there were so many mosquitos in 88. Don't you remember I said "We should have gotten a cat so it could eat the mosquitos"?
    "No, I remember that clearly to be in 89. That was when the stocks on grapes went down."

    And it went on and on like this for years.

  5. When my eldest niece...makes business trips for her job. She was in Finland, near the Arctic Circle.

    When you start a job at a place and learn that others close to my age are taking early retirement.

  6. This made me feel old.

  7. When the wet spot doesn't happen because you are horny.

  8. When I have a look at my id card and feel sad to know that only a few months of my teenage are remaining. :(

  9. When doctors and police are younger than you.

  10. When your knee's crack when you stand up... I'm only 26 =/

  11. @Pete I have the same thing.. except it's with my shoulders. It's really awkward when I reach for something and then -crack-

  12. ..... i feel old when i wanna feel old. As long i'm not try to feel old, then... i'm young.

  13. when I can't bring myself to write about the things I
    remember because it makes me FEEL old! gas prices,
    concert tickets, yikes! A constant reminder.

  14. students look like they need babysitters...

  15. strawberryindigo

    The stuff of my youth is now described as "old school" and "retro" and I have clothes that are older than some of you.

  16. Lol :) How odd the clothes older than me will be.

  17. When no one under the age of thirty understands a word you're saying!

  18. When you keep correcting the kids when they say things like; wa er for water, Ka ie for Katie, bu er for butter etc. And when they pepper their speech with Like, and Yea and Right. Oh God spare us.

  19. When your earliest memories of going online involve an Apple II and a 1,200-baud acoustic coupler.

  20. You're asking the DJ to turn the music down because you're trying to talk to your friend about his divorce.

  21. When you realise your friend who you still think of as 16 is now a grandmother...

  22. Every time you see the title of this thread you think -

    When bits drop off!

  23. When the girl you used to babysit is on her third tour in Afghanistan.

  24. When kids start calling you 'Uncle'.

  25. Your interest in artificial hip replacement surgery conversations experiences a sudden upswing...

  26. When you're favorite songs are on the oldie station. Seriously! There is no reason why Madonna or Bon Jovi should be on the oldie station!

  27. When you still think of your nieces and nephew as kids when one niece has four kids, the other has a baby and the nephew is taller than his dad. Then you keep saying to them "eee, I remember doing that for you when you were a baby". Lol!

  28. You not only know what "LPs", cassettes are, you know how to play them.

  29. You remember Film projectors and Ditto machines.
    and if you know how to use them, you are definitely getting old.

  30. You can't get a stylus for your record player anymore then remember you haven't got a record player anymore...

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