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You know you are getting old when......

  1. You remember Echo Margarine, Vim and Sunlight Soap. :)

  2. Finding out the kid you used to babysit is on her third tour of duty in Afghanistan.

  3. When you want to be 35 again....

  4. When I remember Mary Tyler Moore Show....not as reruns.

    Or original Batman shows...not as reruns. And the Monkeeees show!

  5. When I realize the skirt I've been over 15 yrs. old. No wonder, why the lining is falling apart.

    When being healthy, mobile and fit is more fashionable than the latest styles.

  6. becomingcliche

    When it requires special apparatus to return body parts to their original, upright positions. Who knew that kneecaps could droop?

  7. eatingdisorderstuff

    I was just thinking about this this morning.

    You know you are getting old when you start to forget the names of people you went to high school with.

  8. When you're writing and you just can't think of the word you want.......until next day. I couldn't remember the word renovated yesterday. I did remember it next morning and by then it was too late. Lol.

  9. You know you are getting old when you start to forget the names of people you went to high school with.

    I agree. I actually consider that a good thing....after all, I've befriended more people since high school ..30 yrs. later! I don't want my circle of friends only people from high I grew up in a small city.

    I'm only in touch with 1 great friend from high school. That's good enough for me!

    You know you're getting old when...

    You have problems shortening your work resume. And wondering, should I include all these work dates?

  10. When your co-worker was born the same year you were starting high school.

  11. No, rooktopia, when your co-worker was born when you finished university/college.

  12. When you'd rather blog than go to a gig.

  13. You do dishes either late at night or early in the morning.

  14. when your childhood and teenagehood was when Internet and personal computers never existed.

  15. When your year of birth doesn't automatically appear on drop down menus and you have to keep scrolling. :)

  16. When the kid I used to prank call is now my mom's physical therapist.

  17. Funny, jessie!

    When you used to remember milkman delivering milk in bottles to home early morning. (That stopped when I was around 6-7 yrs. old.)

  18. When I am trying to read something and have to pull it further away to see it!

  19. The other day, while playing "Another Day" and "Silly Love Songs", I came to the startling realization that I really enjoyed listening to Paul McCartney. Which was a shocker for me, because when I was younger, I always associated Sir Paul with music for middle-aged men and women. And now... here I am.

    Sure, I've listened to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin forever, but everyone knows that cool young people listen to that stuff too. Post-Beatles McCartney is pretty much for people of a certain age.

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