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    I am mostly happy with my switch to WordPress but I really miss the Linked Within widget. Can you please – please – open up a way to make this widget work on my WordPress blog or engineer something similar so at the end of each post are three little links with associated image to a related previous post.

    This widget was one of the most effective ways to increase the number of posts read at my previous site. And kept earlier posts from just disappearing. I oved it. And every time I look at my WordPress site I miss it.

    If you coud make this kind of link work with the 2011 theme, I think I would be completely content.

    The blog I need help with is imaginarybicycle.wordpress.com.



    I hear ya! I use this on a squarespace site and it’s really nice to have. The next best thing WP offers is the Zementa related posts option. It actually gives more control than linkwithin as you choose which post(s) to add. It only works in the visual editor and although it brings up other related posts from other blogs and websites, you can choose only the ones from your own website. It doesn’t have the nice photo thumbnails, but it’s better than nothing and honestly, it loads faster than the Linkwithin widget. If you use Live Writer (desktop app) to write your posts, there’s a similar tool that will let you add your related posts.



    I hear you also and even though there is no advertising on the linkwithin widget and it has been requested here we have heard nothing back from Staff as to why it cannot be included. I do NOT find that Zemanta meets my needs at all.


    Is Zementa an option with all themes? I don’t see it in the widget options.

    Could WordPress make a Zementa with thumbnails — please?



    I don’t understand why Zemanta isn’t an option. I love Zemanta for exactly these kinds of things. It works fine.



    Go to: Users>>Personal Settings

    Additional Post Content>> Help me find related content (images, links, related articles, and tags) to use in my posts. Powered by Zemanta!

    Zementa will then show up ONLY in the visual editor. If you have 2 columns enabled in editing mode, you should see zementa related links near the bottom of the right side column.

    You will also see link tag options directly under the editor box. Personally, I only use these for map locations of places in my articles or wikipedia references.

    Another tool is tag suggestions. I find it’s actually pretty useful for that.

    I just wished it worked in HTML editor as the visual editor strips the html tags I work so hard to get in.there!



    Zemanta does not do the same as linkwithin widget does. If we ever get the linkwithin widget here I will dump Zemanta.



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