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"You May Also Like" suggestions at the end of posts

  1. I often see sections at the end of posts on many blogs that say something like: "You May Also Like..." Then there's a list of links to other posts that are similar to the one that was just read. Is there a way to do this on Is it simply a matter of creating the links at the end of each post? Or is there some sort of module or widget that's meant for this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. That's called LinkWithin and unfortunately, it's not available at So you would have to add the links manually beneath each post. But it's feasible and very attractive :-)

  3. Thanks for the quick response! Bummer that LinkWithin isn't available. Seems like it would be a highly used feature, and highly beneficial!

  4. I agree. What a bummer. :(

  5. This is so odd! I used to see a mssg like that with one or two links added onto the end of my ( blog posts after they were published, the links always went to a totally unrelated blogpost... Haven't noticed them for a while now, kinda thought it was an option that I had turned off at some point. But I definitely clicked on some of them, they were always hairstyle blogposts. (my blog is about braiding as a textile craft).

  6. That's another feature that was eliminated a long while back now. It was called "possibly related pots".

    But what's being discussed here is the linkwithin widget which we cannot have on blogs. I have used it on a self hosted blog and I like it a lot. The widget is free and ad-free. It takes a minute to get the widget up and running on your blog, no signup required.

  7. oops! "possibly related pots" was meant to be "possibly related posts".

  8. I like the possibly related pots better!
    Thanks, TT. will check out the link.

  9. That widget does look great. Too bad we cant get it here...

  10. Agreed

  11. Use ZEMANTA. It does this, and you can configure it to pull only within your own blog if you want.

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