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'You might also like' option

  1. I noticed on a blogspot site that there's a 'You might also like' header at the bottom of each page which links to similar posts within that site. Is there an option to do this through wordpress? If so, where? (I can't find it).

    See here for example:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. It's on your dashboard under Extras. If you de-select "Hide Related Links" then those links will show up. If you tick that box, they're hidden.

    You can also do something similar with Zemanta.

  3. Yes, but those "Related Links" do not necessarily point to similar posts within the same site.

    If you are using categories/tags with the appropriate widget in your sidebar, you will create the same effect. I you want to get even more specific, create the links yourself at the end of each post.

  4. You can configure Zemanta so that they do.

  5. The one built in to the Editor (Recommendations) or the Zemanta browser tool bar?

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