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  1. bryankalexander

    I notice that staff says they are working on this problem. See "Readers Can't Leave Comments" on the Staff Answers Forum.

  2. Nah Bryan there is still obviously a gaping disconnect here between the staff and the rest of us.

    Perfect example is this recent tweet to Matt, expressing these same concerns. Matt is still assuming that we're talking about some "bug", when in fact we're talking about the update to commenting that he himself implemented. It's pretty obvious that he hasn't read this thread, even after previous tweets to him.

  3. @minotaur2010 Exactly. That's why I didn't try to tweet explanation. Email's a better format, and will give it a go tonight after work.

  4. Has anyone with an upgrade account contacted Support directly? We lowly users can't :-[

    Obvious temporary fix is to turn off the new forced-logon "feature." That would be a good permanent solution, too

  5. Here's the "Staff Answers" thread mentioned above -- since the lame WP "search forum" couldn't find it:

  6. This link might be of use to a lot of us:

    I really don't want to go this route, but this nonsense flies so directly into the face of customer service for no good reason that it really makes me question where the heck the admin's heads are.

  7. you don't want to switch to Blogger, I just came from there, its worse.

  8. I'm @Sofaflyer but I'm not sure if Matt means himself or me was just responding...!!/photomatt/status/183280232021757952

  9. I have moved all of my postings to blogger, there's nothing wrong with blogger as long as you don't have a need to contact support (which you usually don't because they have lots of features available for you to use). Blogger was really bad a long while ago but look at the features and improvements they have made in last year or so. Okay I give you that their interface (themes) are not as sharp and smooth as wordpress, but they provide lot more flexibility and they don't have dictatorial policies. Since I had lots of blog posts on wordpress, I did the migration slowly and in steps. I eventually turned off my index search option at wordpress (keeping the blog here alive but static) so if I am getting any hits, I get them at Blogger.

    But overall, I am not really blogging, and when I was blogging, I was doing it as a hobby to share things with whoever who would listen. If you look some of my past postings on wordpress, you will see that there has been a struggle and evolution of blogging for a long time. WordPress considers as their playing field for improving their software, so they can sustain the company, but things on the Internet are constantly evolving and they have to keep up with time. It is a sad state of affairs that there are literally not many options for average folks to blog/share content, but I recommend such folks look into facebook/Gplus etc. There's hardly anything you cannot do through Facebook pages which you can do via wordpress/tumblr etc. The real issue is with those bloggers who maintain their blog for for or not-for-profit orgs or church or neighborhood etc. The policies here at wordpress has gotten worse over the years and there is no doubt about that.

  10. oh lets list the things wrong with Blogger....the new interface removes the option to add or remove word verification, they are NOT mobile platform friendly (for the blogger, not the commentor, though I have issues with that too)....they force changed several people's themes recently, without notification or warning, they turned ON word verification on all blogs that didn't already have it (see above comment about the problems with turning it off), AND the new word verification SUCKS to try to read, there has been an ongoing problem with people not being able to comment at all, ongoing problems with people not being able to post properly, ongoing problems with people not being able to post links or photos in their posts, ongoing problems with pieces of the new interface stopping working.....The flexibility was nice, and its part of why my blog ISN'T on, but not worth the ongoing hassle.

  11. In menu Settings -> Dirscussion Settings -> Other Settings, the square for 'Users must be registered and logged in to comment' is unchecked. Why is that option not functioning anymore?

    For now I ask commentars to leave the e-mail-field empty and for that I removed avatar-showing.

  12. Are you talking about commenting system at Blogger? Well, I don't want to take up space here talking about Blogger (because it would not be fair), but you can enable Disqus or any other commenting system at Blogger.

    As I already mentioned, there are several other issues within the blogging world, so no, I am not suggesting that Blogger is a solution. But things have changed and (note, has had a consistent policy issues for a long time now. This thread is nothing new, there have been several such long threads in the past. As far as I am concerned, it all started with when wordpress decided to go social by introducing Reblog feature (the one today is the rebirth of what they introduced earlier). If you've been here for a while, than you may have seen my posts in the past.

    I'm not here to bash WordPress but only identifying that things change and these companies have their right to move with the changing times. We may not like the change but we are not the ones who hold the decision to change when we use services. Look at one of the tweets by Matt, he's saying he sees no jump in the commenting stats. So, what does that tell you? He's looking at the overall picture and not this or that thread of people complaining. They know they don't have systems down, so whatever is not working, it is not working according to you and me, and not their perspective. The systems are up and running and that's all that matters, rest is all part of the improvement/change process.

  13. Several people are reporting that disqus and alternatives haven't been working right with blogger recently.

  14. @ruthcatrin, you said Blogger force-changed several people's themes recently. Was that reversed? That would be a big deal for me here, since my blog depends on a very visible difference between "my" stuff and a particular set of stuff I am quoting. Has this ever happened at WP?

  15. To my knowledge no, though most folks just made the corrections nessecary themselves when they discovered what had happened.

  16. OK. That assumes the underlying interface was not touched and one could correct. With an off-the-peg theme there is only so much one can modify.

    The point is that bloggers need to feel confidence in the guys who are managing their interface. With WP they no longer do.

    WP is no longer a company, in Apple terminology, that is focussed on making great products. It is one that is focussed on future sales to advertisers and shareholders. Apple became the world's largest company by scorning the second objective and focussing only on the first.

  17. What it looked like to me, was that Blogger modified the base theme (instead of creating a new one) resulting in people loading up their blogs one morning and things looking different (even people who'd modified them to custom). So in most cases they were able to either modify the "new" theme to match their old, or they picked a new theme all-to-gether.

    Blogger allows a HUGE amount of modification to the base themes (unlike most wordpress themes), you as the blogger have access to the HTML and they even have built in tools to customize things ALOT (colors, fonts, ALOT) . This is very cool, but it wasn't worth the hassle that Blogger is becoming as far as I was concerned.

  18. So yes, it wasn't the end of the world, and it was fixable, but it wasn't pleasant.

  19. The problem I'm having with is that I'm not even a customer, and I don't wish to be a gravatar customer any more, but I can't delete the accounts and they are requiring me to use the accounts to comment on other blogs even when the blog owner doesn't require it. And then they created accounts in my "name" without telling me or giving me veto or even allowing me to ok a TOS. And if I understand whats happening correctly I'm not the only customer this has happened too. People who only ever signed up for Gravatar now have accounts whether they want them or not, with out their approval, or ok, AND THEY CAN'T DELETE THEM.

  20. From what you describe, Blogger has some annoying issues that, with a bit of tweaking, can be resolved.

    Whereas WordPress now has some annoying issues that no amount of tweaking by the users can resolve.

    I know which sounds like a better situation to me.

  21. Why doesn't WP focus ENTIRELY on users, and on threads like this? Then it might become a great company.

  22. some of it was tweakable yes, such as anything with the themes, alot of it was not. I'm not saying is better, infact my blog's not on because after playing around with the interface I didn't like it at all, but unless Google gets its act in gear and stops trying to turn everything into Google+ without regard for whether or not things actually work Blogger is not better.

  23. Why is nobody mentioning Typepad? Is that the place to go?

  24. I know someone on Typepad, she likes it, but I've never used it or even played around with it so I don't have any experience with it.

  25. Typepad has long been gone. There are only three blogging services out there providing relatively similar service:, blogger and tumblr. If you are a hobby blogger sharing things for everyone in general, than those are the three free services you can choose from. Otherwise, there's and several other content management systems out there for professional bloggers.

  26. Hold on, TypePad isn't "gone". Major blogs I read are hosted there. I even have an old one. Why gone?

  27. its not gone, see for their free blog plan.

  28. They have changed hands not too long ago. I don't think their free/micro site is inviting enough for continuous free blogging. But you can try. BTW, sooner or later they'll be shutting down this thread because apparently it is getting off-topic. There's an off-topic section here which would be suitable for such conversations.

  29. I hate to say it but just because you don't think its inviting enough doesn't make it "long gone". They ARE pushing their paid plans, but thats not the same thing.

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