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  1. Who is "they"? If they are following enough to know we're off-topic, why no responses on the main points?

  2. The staff here has been responding, they're asking people to login with their wordpress or gravatar accounts. Take a look at the Staff Answers section, they're responding to many people who're asking the same question. WordPress has decided that you must login to comment if you are typing email address which has registered in the past with these two services. Based on how things work here, they're most likely not going to reply to you here in this thread because it would be like repeating. There is a sticky post out there and they're individually responding to people who are asking. What else would you expect?

  3. I would expect them to note the objections.

  4. In other words, "they made their decision, so screw everybody who doesn't like it."

    Makes me feel all toasty inside.

  5. I would expect WP to acknowledge that they've pissed off a HUGE portion of their customer base AND that using their customers' information from one service to create accounts for those customers with another service without the customers' approval or knowledge is shady at best and outright illegal at worst.

  6. Take a look at same of these old posts, here, here, here. does not have a history of running their service using people's opinion.

  7. Sure. And just as readers are deciding it's too much effort to bother commenting on my bog, I'm starting to decide it's lousy dealing with a company so wedded to a bad idea that it holds fast at putting obstacles in the way of smoothly operating communication like it, until recently, actually managed to offer. Alienate my readers and you give me a very real reason to take my money -- and yes, I am a paid member -- elsewhere.

  8. Pretty much. I HAD been suggesting to some of the Blogger folks who didn't care about the ability to tweak things, that has stopped.

  9. @arifsali: " does not have a history of running their service using people's opinion."

    Nor, famously, does Apple. But Apple, also famously, doesn't piss off its customers. WP is doing so with increasing frequency, partly because it doesn't seem to test anything before implementing it.

  10. I swear the commenting problems are getting even worse now than when this fiasco started a few days ago. My legitimate commenters are still having great difficulty leaving a comment. I've been incredibly frustrated trying to comment on other blogs (being told I must log in when I'm already logged in, etc.).

    But spam is getting through like never before--certainly more than three days ago--and I've had a few real comments from regular commenters wind up in Spam for no apparent reason--even from people with Gravatars and no spam-related words or links or anything. I've never had this many false spam grabs before. I also am now having a new commenting problem. I got an error message when I was trying to reply to people on my own blog. It told me that my comment was a duplicate and wouldn't post it, when it was not in fact a duplicate comment. Coincidence this began when the login fiasco did? Maybe. But it sure seems as if the whole commenting system is now screwed up. What a mess!

  11. @paperchipmunk, this has absolutely, zero, zip, nada to do with spam.

  12. I would like a direct answer to this question: Where the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks does WP get off hijacking my email address? That's MY domain name. I paid for that microphone. And I don't see where they have ANY right whatsoever to gratuitously meddle in my relationship with the owner of a blog on which I happen to be posting.

    It's one thing for them to provide a convenience. "Yes, we recognize you. Here's your information to save you having to fill in all the boxes." (Let's leave aside that, in doing so, they have BROKEN a system which worked fine before when I could drop my email address in that box and have my GRAVATAR information fill the boxes, and not the information for a TEMPORARY SANDBOX account on It's a whole other matter, and I want to know by WHAT RIGHT do they deny me the permission to use MY email address to identify myself to the blog publisher -- who is a friend -- AND NOT TO WP and, to add insult to injury, to delete the comment I just spent all that time writing?


    By this kind of arrogant and high-handed behavior, WP makes it VERY hard for a Web designer and publisher to chose to use their system for his sites. Once I cool down, I may very well make some other choice.


  13. I agree with 'markalger'. Automattic is hijacking user's email accounts.

  14. I agree too. But there will be no answer.

  15. forgive me if this has been addressed, this along thread:

    So I was able to leave a comment on my test blog after logging out and using a random fake e-mail with a domain that no longer exists (my own expired domain BTW), and it went to the moderation Queue... which makes me wonder why I care about the E-mails on comments in the first place.

    So what happens if you turn the requirement for E-mails off while commenting
    (Settings --> discussion)?

    I could comment without igving an E-mail and it went to the moderation queue like any other comment.
    Does this effect Akismet or something?

  16. Because even if you don't require an email it still puts the field there so if someone attempts to comment and puts their email (that's on their account) it'll still require login of that person. So you have to make sure that all your commentors know to leave the email field blank. Not the end of the world maybe, but still annoying.

    And yes. Markalger, that is essentially my problem as well, unless they had previously put into their TOS, that you agreed to, that they would use your information to create accounts with the other services without informing you, what they have done is illegal.

  17. A low tactic ... I want to bounce this discussion into visibility, after 24 hours.

  18. Okay, it seems pretty clear now that Worsepress simply does not give a tuppenny f*** about those of use whose readers are having problems commenting and who are still having problems commenting on other blogs even when already logged into WP. It's been over a week and not one reply here from staff or the slightly creep sounding Happiness Engineers, so I have to conclude that they simply don't care.

    So, anyone's thoughts on which is better? A return to Blogger, which admittedly become annoying enough for me to move my blog WP at the beginning of the year? Or self host a WP powered blog with a third party comments system? Because if the situation remains as it is now and WP continue to insist on putting off commenters by making them jump through hoops for the sake of a one line remark on a post then staying with isn't an option for me.

  19. P.S. I think I'll tweet that question directly to @photomatt later.

  20. I've been looking at the alternatives and have made a couple of blogs on different hosts (though not self-hosting as I don't have enough concentration to set up one or look after it) but am not happy with them. To me the whole situation is unacceptable but I know from past experience that won't change this.

    My own thought is to either put up with it (which I am finding nearly impossible to do, as this is by far the worst change ever here) or just stop blogging. Literally.

    It sucks. Big time.

  21. There needs to be a new service run by the members for the members, with no ads or pressure from advertisers. Something like a foundation. Like Wikimedia.

  22. Hi there. I have run a wordpress blog for nearly 6 years, with up to 400 posts, smoothly and happily. This is by far the worst problem I encountered so far, and the bad news is that it seems to be following other problems which I experienced lately. What concerns me is that these problems happen right after WordPress has changed its administrative status, meaning that the problems we are experiencing have a systemic character rather than occassional. I suposse WordPress will not give a dim for my blog -in fact their not responding to this thread is proof of that- but I am already considering options. I am loosing too many readers.

  23. Three tweets to @photomatt including a screencap of me being asked to log in to comment on a WP blog when I'm already logged in to post at my own WP blog. Response after a day and a half: zilch, zero, zip, nada, nothing, nowt, the square root of naff all, the centre of a ****ing donut.

    I wish I could say I was surprised but it is still disappointing.

  24. They won't change it back to the old way. Have you ever heard a song titled It's All 'Bout The Money by Meja? A good song, indeed. If someday ask our feedbacks about what song suits their need as a theme song, I'd love to suggest that one.

  25. And why is this worth money? Because advertisers swallow lies.

  26. In case I seem to be defaming WP, it should be added that nothing technically untrue is said and WP is just doing what many publishers and content providers do. In this case, we suddenly have all these new "active accounts". It means nothing. But the advertisers don't ask questions. A lot publishing is based on similar nonsense.

  27. There is quite a bit of speculation here, and while I can't address every single point, I'd like to point out that one of the many reasons behind this change was to provide greater control over your own identity within comments at

    Anyone who knows your email address could have easily linked their comment to your account in a way that was indistinguishable from you leaving it, and you would have no way of knowing it or stopping them. Now comments linked to your account are always going to be from you.

    Here are a few more points to keep in mind, which should address the majority of your concerns:

    1. To control what shows when you comment, you can edit your profile at Users -> My Profile in your Dashboard.

    2. Folks can still comment just like before, but if they use a registered email address, they need to log in to prove that it's really them.

    3. This extends to both Gravatar and accounts, which actually are the same thing, the same user names and passwords. Folks who are sure that they do not have a account may have forgotten that they registered a Gravatar account years earlier.

    4. If folks are still unsure, they can use the Forgot Password links at either or to regain access to their account.

    5. Just as before, you don't have to require your commenters to use an email address, it's an option under Settings -> Discussion.

    6. We're happy to help people who are having trouble commenting, logging in, or resetting their passwords. Let us know steps to reproduce the problem and we'll do our best to help the person or fix the bug.

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