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  1. simplystriving

    When people type out a comment, and then enter their email/gravatar/info, they are getting an error message and the comment they took the time to type out is erased. Is there any way to ensure their comment stays in the comment field until they either log in or cancel or choose another way to enter their information?

  2. @wordlily

    One commenter in particular who received this message said she deleted her account 6 months ago. So she can't login.

    One can not delete one's account from
    One can only delete blog.
    If that commenter has deleted her blog she will still be able to log in her account to post comments.

  3. This is just a complete mess, I've had a tiny fraction of the usual number of comments at my blog today, with a bunch of people emailing me to say they can't log in to comment.

    Did I miss an email from WordPress to warn this was going to happen?

    What is the solution here for people who don't have WordPress accounts - and don't want one - and don't want to sign in with their Twitter/Facebook accounts to comment?

    Please WordPress, undo the changes you made asap, this is a mess.

  4. Also running a site with a lot of comments and this change has been a major headache for us.

  5. chips2010 said: "What is the solution here for people who don't have WordPress accounts - and don't want one - and don't want to sign in with their Twitter/Facebook accounts to comment?"

    Yes. And what is the solution for bloggers who don't want to have to make their users sign in with an email address at all?

    chips2010 said: "Please WordPress, undo the changes you made asap, this is a mess."


  6. I am VERY disappointed in ! I have been blogging for years now, never had complaints but this is going too far. No warning whatsoever from WordPress about these changes? I don't want to force my readers to create a WordPress account they don't need, you should simply be able to react by using your name and mail address, that's it, no log in required.
    PLEASE CHANGE EVERYTHING BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS! Cause it was perfect like that...

  7. cassandranordheim1

    Do they expect everyone to have a Gravatar or account? Okey, it's possible to comment with Twitter, but I guess that only apply to blogs that have activate that option?
    What about Google or Open Id?
    And without a warning? Not good, not good at all.

  8. Yep, it's kinda FUBAR, but I posted up an explanation and step-by-step workaround:

    Tech Note: Changes Commenting With Gravatars

    Now, if you aren't using a "meta" widget in the sidebar on your blog (w/ login link), you might want to add that (or add a text widget with a link to login page or something). Otherwise, it's an even bigger PITA for casual visitors, and you're bound to lose comments out of pure frustration.

  9. I also wondered why comments had dropped a little. This is ridiculous! Togther with the other problems I have logged with Support at the moment, I'm getting really frustrated.

    Free this platform might be, but it has to be USABLE, and at the moment, with comments going looney, non-existant URLs in the site map going to Google and the tags not on every page for Quantcast to pick up, I've not surprised my Alexa rank is dropping!

  10. Well I think this to be a good change to check spam activity along with other factors yet I don't think it to be affect your commenter.

  11. This is the link to the closed sticky post at the head of the forum
    Recent Update to Commenting

  12. No announcement on the twitter feed either. So, here's a poke:!/ChenZhen/status/180395184121593857

  13. This is the link to the closed sticky post at the head of the forum
    Recent Update to Commenting he could have posted up that "update" without mentioning the implications to gravatar users is beyond me. members are used to being logged in; most of them are fellow bloggers anyway, and probably wouldn't have even noticed this "update".

    But Gravatar users aren't used to logging in to anything; they count on it working just by the email in the comment box on most any website they visit. Heck, that was the whole point to gravatar, right? Now these people are swinging by our blogs and unable to comment, and not sure what the heck that message they get means. Like "Update: We just shot your blog in the foot" LOL

  14. Even for me as a plain old WP user the logging in did not work several times and was too much for my computer (crashed it). Instead of making all these changes like killing the blog surfer, dashboard site stats and all that I wish WP would instead address issues like the Read Blogs function not working and maybe making it easier for commenters to feel welcome here, not less. Some of my friends are talking about leaving and the site has been very glitchy.

  15. I expect this has something to do with the recent rash of trolls impersonating other people by putting in their email addresses and then leaving comments that reflect poorly on the victim of the impersonation.

  16. I sympathize (my password was hacked and someone altered my posts) however shutting out every outside user damages the community much more. I NEVER give out my primary email also I moderate 100 percent of my comments so maybe WP should simply encourage users to be more careful instead of shutting out all commenters.

  17. Couldn't agree more.

  18. A brilliant update to the comment system. The porn spam gets through but genuine posters...who needs them, they aren't the lifeblood of the business!

    Guys, this has been handled poorly and all that's happened is a banal message about an update! No solution to improve the situation such as redirecting users to a log-in screen telling Gravatar users how to log in.

    raincoaster - one small by-product of this update. People are using false details to post their comments. Which is an utterly self-defeating update to have made, is it not?

  19. Heh, it sure is. I appreciate that staff are taking action against fakers and trolls, but this, obviously, needs a re-think.

    If it makes you feel better, WP's style is, make the fix or change, THEN tell people about it. So for all we know every single employee may be working on this right now, but they'd never tell us.

  20. minotaur2010 said: "Yep, it's kinda FUBAR, but I posted up an explanation and step-by-step workaround:

    Tech Note: Changes Commenting With Gravatars"

    This workaround is NO GOOD for bloggers who want their readers to be able to comment ANONYMOUSLY, i.e. without having to put in an email address.

    I am NOT HAPPY. Where are the Happiness Engineers?! Can we have an answer to this, please, one way or another? Are you planning to fix this situation or not? If yes, can we have some sort of time-frame as to how long it might take?

    My blog is on hold right now because of this "upgrade."

    If it's not going to be rectified, I'd like to know so I can make other arrangements.

    Thank you.

  21. I am most concerned with the usability. If I try commenting on a blog several times and it doesn't work, I leave the site and quit going back. Blogging is more than publishing information. It's about the community it creates, the feedback, the dialogue, and practically speaking, the comments. If the platform in which the information is being communicated is faulty, the information presented becomes faulty. Please reconsider changing the commenting feature back. I'm hesitant to publish until it changes.

  22. hbdchick-

    This workaround is NO GOOD for bloggers who want their readers to be able to comment ANONYMOUSLY, i.e. without having to put in an email address.

    Huh? Most blogs require an email addy, and for WP, anyone can still enter a phony one and still comment (in fact, in my thread, I stated that this change only affects email addys that are tied to gravatar/wordpress accounts). I bet half our commenters use phony addys, actually.

  23. I notice this topic is now closed which is really not much use to my bloggers who are finding it difficult to get their comments posted.

    Not very good for building a community .........

  24. @minotaur2010 - I have my blog set up so that commenters do not have to enter an email address, i.e. I have deselected the option "Comment author must fill out name and e-mail."

    This is because I want to enable readers to comment anonymously (I'm old-school internet).

    That feature is NOT working now (sorry, I'm not yelling at you -- I'm yelling at WordPress).

    I have tried to leave an anonymous (i.e. WITHOUT an email) comment on my own blog using FOUR different computers today, using THREE different browsers and AFTER having CLEARED ALL COOKIES each time, and I still get the error message:

    "That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it."

    I'M NOT USING AN EMAIL ADDRESS! I DON'T WANT MY USERS TO HAVE TO USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS, one associated with WordPress or not (again, yelling at WordPress here).


    Or, let us know that this isn't going to be changed back and I'll move my blog elsewhere.

    Thank you.

  25. moreidlethoughts

    Here's a thought - undo your recent update!
    Remember the old saw "if it aint broke, don't fix it!"

    Even fellow wordpress bloggers say they can't comment at my blog(started a few hours ago, apparently) so I'd say the problem lies with WordPress. Fix it, please.

  26. hello, anybody there? Staff?
    Any chance to let us know if you're working on it?

  27. pigletinportugal

    I came on to log my problem and am amazed by the number of complaints but apparently no action from staff.

    I'm also having problems. I was disappointed my comments were right down yesterday on a new post. Added another post today and received two emails from blogging buddies notifying me they could not leave a comment

    Error message one

    "The operation could not be completed kCF Error Domain CF Network error 303!"

    and the other from another non wordpress user

    Hi PiP---I tried to comment on your latest post and WordPress keeps telling me that I'm not logged in, whatever THAT means!

    Really liked it and here were my comments:

    What about all my followers who comment and don't have blogs!

    This is SO frustrating. Please dear WordPress help your frustrated bloggers!

  28. I hope finds a better solution so that it won't stop the easy flow of blogging commenting from a majority who do comment with genuine intent and not impostering anyone.

    I recognize the troll situation must be handled also. I hate it myself, as a commenter on other people's blogs where I have to log in as a registered user...vs. just giving my blog address, etc.

  29. Me are coming protests from readers of my pages, because when they go to comment on if they are users asked you which is logueen to do with username. Which complicate the existence tad readers. I only have moderate to email and name, not that is logueen if they are here. I would ask to let me choose to me the way to moderate my pages

  30. I'm assuming the intent on the part of WP is to be sure people are not using someone else's email address to post comments. The mechanism appears to be that any means where WP is able to determine the account can be logged in to (e.g. any email used at WP, or has a gravatar, or anything else they link to like twitter). I certainly would not want anyone to use any of my email addresses to post comments here or anywhere else.

    But maybe this was integrated in too quickly? How about a grace period where any recognizable email address will just give a brief notice for now (for a month maybe) that it is a recognized email, and in the near future will require an appropriate login somewhere. Provide a link to a page where more information can be obtained ... which will be emailed to keep privacy maintained. And for those that are on WP directly, an opportunity to recover the password.

    I think I will try my own test on one or two of the referenced blogs, hoping the are not marked private, using new email addresses I will create right before doing it (so there's no history of them being used anywhere). I do have a few domains and run the DNS and email on my own servers, so I can make them, easily (but sorry, I'm not in the business of making them for others, so please don't ask).

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