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  1. If you have a different email for your gravatar and your blog, then your gravatar is useless. You cannot use the email address of your gravatar to make comments. You have to set up a new gravatar with the same email of your blog. :(

  2. Motre said:

    I'm assuming the intent on the part of WP is to be sure people are not using someone else's email address to post comments. The mechanism appears to be that any means where WP is able to determine the account can be logged in to (e.g. any email used at WP, or has a gravatar, or anything else they link to like twitter).

    Well, that's fine, but what about us bloggers who don't require our commenters to provide an email? Why aren't those anonymous comments working? Is something just screwed up? And, if so, is it being fixed? That's all I want to know.

  3. nandobase-

    Technically, you could, but you'd have to log out with your WP.account, then log in with your gravatar account. Leave a comment. Then log out, and log back in with your WP account to got back into your blog dashboard or whatever.

    I've been testing the scenarios since this thing was implemented yesterday, and as a reminder I wrote up an explanation and a workaround:

    Tech Note: Changes Commenting With Gravatars

    I know, it's a pain in the a**, and I'm as frustrated by it as anyone on here. I've got multiple gravatar accounts, for various purposes.

    I can understand the issue with gravatar-jacking, but I got to think that it's such a minor problem...certainly not worthy of all this hassle to fix. Besides,as an editor of your blog, you can still do it (by editing a comment, and pasting in a different email), so the problem isn't completely fixed anyway.

  4. Minotaur 2010 said:

    I've been testing the scenarios since this thing was implemented yesterday, and as a reminder I wrote up an explanation and a workaround:

    Tech Note: Changes Commenting With Gravatars

    For the benefit of the WordPress folks again -- this workaround doesn't help those of us who allow anonymous comments, i.e. have DEselected Comment author must fill out name and e-mail.

  5. What an infuriating disaster! WordPress has gone too far this time. I have "users must log in or be registered" turned off in my preferences because I do not want my commenters driven away.Thank you, WordPress, for deciding you know better than I.

    I've been getting emails from people who can't leave a comment--both with WordPress accounts and from others who've never had a WordPress account. People who normally always comment have stopped commenting. I haven't been able to comment on other WordPress blogs and have been very frustrated. It also took me a lot of time to figure out that the login I use to access the WordPress dashboard on my blog is not actually my WordPress login! What the..?! People aren't going to bother and be driven away.

    I'll have to leave WordPress if this obnoxious "update" isn't undone. There's little point in having a blog if commenting is such a hassle that few will endure the learning curve to do it. It took a huge investment of time and effort to move my blog from Blogger and set up a WordPress blog. It's depressing to be forced back to Blogger. But this new commenting fiasco, as it stands, will ruin my blog if I stay with WordPress. We should be able to OPT OUT of this mess!

  6. @minotaur, the thing is; it's not me who's having this problem. I set up a blog at wordpress.ORG for a friend yesterday. And then I set up a gravatar account for him without setting up a blog. He is interested to start a blog because I told him that blogging is about writing and no need to worry about anything else.
    Perhaps I should stop promoting blog to friends, eh?
    Keeping my mouth shot now......

  7. Hallelujah!

    The part of the problem that I was concerned about -- users being able to leave anonymous comments (i.e. without having to provide an email) -- seems to have been fixed.

    THANK YOU WORDPRESS PEOPLE!! I'm happy again. (^_^)

    Sorry, I don't know if the WordPress email/Gravatar email side of it has been fixed.

  8. Oh, yes... I set up a blog for him to make his jetpack plugin works.

  9. I posted a test on nathalie25's blog using an email address I know for sure has never been seen before by WP or anything else. The comment appears to be posting just fine. So I believe the WP code design to not require logins from email addresses it has no way to check a login with, works as likely intended.

    Email addresses that WP does know about, and knows how to verify, are the ones it probably requires being logged in with. The logic seems straightforward. A support page listing what sources (sites) such emails are checked with might be of help to understand why someone could have trouble commenting.

  10. headbandsandheartbreak

    This is ridiculous. I specifically set up my blog so that users would not have to log in. I'm getting tons of complaints from people via email and most of my regular commenters have had trouble posting. What on earth made you thing this "update" was a good idea? How is this an improvement? Forcing people to log in when it should be the choice of the blog owner?

    Please reverse this update immediately and return us to our old comment system. If this doesn't happen, I'm going to have to reconsider continuing with WordPress.

  11. For commenting without email at all, it might have just been an missed flag in the new code. But when I posted on nathalie25's blog, it still required email. But I don't know how that was set by the owner.

    I posted a comment w/o logging in or giving an email over on hbdchicks blog, it went in, but did not show. Time delay? Moderation needed?

  12. @headbandsandheartbreak ... your blog does not say an email is mandatory. Is moderated or unmoderated? I did not post a comment.

  13. @motre - Thanks so much for checking my blog! (^_^)

    Commenting without logging in seems to be working ok on my blog now.

  14. If you try to comment with your username linking to your Wp.ORG blog, then you cannot use your gravatar. I've just tried it.

  15. This is ridiculous! We don't want the comment system to be changed, we want it to be the way it used to be. My comments have been WAY down, and I have had emails from readers who couldn't comment because they don't have a WordPress account (or they used to have a WordPress blog, but have subsequently changed to self-hosted).

    PLEASE fix this by changing it back to how it was!!!!

  16. Support - is anyone even reading these comments now????????

  17. pigletinportugal

    WordPress why are you taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

  18. PIP - someone made a coding error is my guess. Followined by insufficient systems testing.

    WE are the UAT team, never forget that.

    For nocies, UAT = User Acceptance Testing

  19. Gravatar accounts are considered like WP accounts apparently, so someone with a mail attached to Gravatar will also have to sign in to WP with Gravatar login and passwords, otherwise, it's not working...

    So, WordPress. If I have a Gravatar linked to my email which has no WordPress connection, how then do I post a comment?

    I tried the help service who kindly requested me to contact them using that email, for them to then ignore my email.

    I am not happy about ANY of this. It is annoying and frustrating, and a waste of time. I am very glad that I decided not to host my blogs on WordPress!!!!!

  20. Please remove this annoying bug. For now I will turn off avatar showing and inform responders not to fill out mailadresses.

  21. So many surprises every week. I can't wait to see what will happen on April 1st. :)

  22. LOL!!

  23. shambolicliving

    Can someone please advise if this "upgrade"is being fixed? Getting advice readers can't comment on my blog still.

  24. I have emails this morning from people saying how frustrated they are that they can't comment on my blog. None of them have WordPress passwords associated with this site--they just want to comment. Hoping this will be fixed soon!

  25. Just be patient. Matt will be along shortly to call you all stupid and close the thread.

  26. He will not.

    He will call us ungrateful.

  27. He implied we were all ignorant over Infinite Scrolling - so why not over this as well?

  28. <B>@ teamoyeniyi</B>

    WE are the UAT team, never forget that.

    For nocies, UAT = User Acceptance Testing



    That's why we called "end user". Hope they fix this "new feature" soon. Oh, I'm an ungrateful user.

  29. On a second thought, looks like isn't satifisfied enought to be a copy-cat of tumblr, twitter and facebook (with its reblogging and like button). They're trying to be a copycat of MULTIPLY too. Now everyone had to log in or create their own account just to comment on your post.

  30. No end users are the who buy the software. We are unpaid testers. :))

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