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  1. :))

    Ah yes... you're right. We're a bunch of happy-unpaid-testers :))

  2. I'm really not happy about this, seems like it's already influencing the amount of comments I get and especially from loyal followers & commenters. Hope this update -which is more like a downgrade- will be somehow fixed or undone.

    Seems like most of my readers that can't comment, do have a hosted blog somewhere with wordpress installed in it, and somehow their email address is still linked to a wordpress account they don't use/they are logged in but not on the main wordpress site. Please fix it!

  3. As more and more bloggers are discovering that their commenting system has been shot in the foot, I might as well offer up those step-by-step instructions for gravatar users again, if you want to post up an announcement on your blog.

    (which I recommend doing, before your readers start ditching you)

    I also recommend that you add the "meta" widget (with log in link, if you haven't already), and you'll probably want to move it towards the top of your sidebar, for convenience.

  4. accessiblenorth

    I do not write a blog directed to only other WordPress bloggers or to bloggers in general or to Gravatar account-holders. I write a blog directed to ordinary people who are not interested in signing up for a WordPress or Gravatar or Facebook or Google or Yahoo or any other kind of account in order to comment on Torch Lake Views. No indeed. They will not do it. I do not blame them.

    I moderate all comments. I can decide for myself whether to allow a commenter to be part of our little community.

    WordPress should re-activate the discussion option that I chose for my blog.

  5. I just want to add my unhappiness with having to log into WordPress in order to comment on a WordPress blog. I happened to have an account which I created some time ago and then didn't use -- took me awhile, but I found my username and password and was able to comment. I can see the problems for blog owners and other commenters though -- makes the process very cumbersome.

    My concern is that if we stay signed in, WordPress can collect data on sites we visit to use for marketing or just to collect data. There has been a huge issue about this with Google. I don't like the Big Brother aspect of it and wonder why WordPress thought this was necessary. What problem were you trying to solve?

  6. ATTENTION: I found what appears to be the rationale behind this whole thing:!/photomatt/status/180157622329159680

    Fixed link →


    Fixed Link →

    You got to be kidding me...

    [Links made clickable by -sl1k]

  7. Catastrophic way to solve a minor issue. No?

    PS—Wordpress are you out there? Can you let us know something?

  8. WordPress is about to get fired if they don't fix this issue by the end of the weekend. We have a lot of commenters on our blog and I'll be damned if I force them to establish a WP account before they can comment. I imagine I am not alone.

  9. Access being restricted in any way is counterproductive and frustrating for our commenters. The last thing we want to do is frustrate our users, what is the point?

  10. Our little community at, has enjoyed WordPress functionality for over three years, over 250,000 views and 40,000 comments.

    We are a non-commercial cyber pub with about 10 regular contributors. We don't get paid, we do all the hard work of running a cyber community for fun.

    And one of the strong points of WordPress for us has been that it has been largely invisible - nothing gets in the way of our publishing and our dialogue with readers. Few rules, no forced logins, first comment moderated for a new visitor

    Until now. And then WHAM - email storm and some comments not working. Begins the long, tortuous search for cause and solution.

    I have been working in IT for over 30 years and I have NEVER before seen an "upgrade" done so badly or communications with users so poor. IMHO it goes beyond incompetence. It is downright pig ignorance.

    My thanks to the super users who have helped us scramble through this. Sadly, the "workaround" for this FU reads like the rules of chess translated into Klingon. Better than nothing, though !!

    My heart goes out to others whose livelihood depends on traffic through their WP blog.

    If I was in your shoes, I'd be having a chat with my lawyer now.

  11. Whatever you have done sucks the big cactus. I comment on several WP served sites and now it is a nightmare to comment because the log in you require is so screwed up that half the time I get an error message that someone else has my username or email address.

    FIX THIS! You are damaging a lot of your blog owners who rely on their regular readers and commenters. Plus, you are costing them newbies who may get frustrated & move on.

  12. I came back to WordPress because of problems with not being able to post with Blogger! As the world does mostly revolve around Microsoft and Facebook, it has been difficult to maintain a WordPress blog and have those who do not move out of their comfort zone access our blog.
    Although all my IDs are in sync, I know a lot of people may not have the same ones for Gravtar as they do for WordPress. Even slight changes can make a big difference. This is totally frustrating!
    This is making me think that my next step is Drupal!

  13. If I'm reading those tweets right...People nic-jack all day long, on every corner of the blogosphere. But when it's done to some big wig at Google, then the rest of us get hosed, I guess.

  14. Last night it seemed that anonymous commenting was fixed on WordPress -- i.e. that one could leave a comment WITHOUT leaving an email address (which is the comment setting I have DEselected: Comment author must fill out name and e-mail.)

    Now it's not working again today. Now I get the error message:

    That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it.




    Is WordPress thinking about fixing/changing this or not? That's all I want to know. 'Cause if the answer is no, then I will make other arrangements.

    Thank you.

  15. Add me to the ever-growing list of DISsatisfied WordPress customers. I don't log into WP on my work computer. Ever. Can't get in trouble for blogging from work if I never log in, right? :) Anyway, I do like to read other blogs on my lunch hour. But now I can't leave comments, thanks to this new policy. And I know I'm losing comments on my blog for the same reason. Sorry, but this is crap. Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. But what good is global recognition of something if you can't use it?

    Another thing the gurus at WP might want to consider is that their modification does not work as designed. I have 2 Gravatars, one of which is NOT linked to my WP account, and never has been (It predates my WP account by over a year). WP won't let me comment using that one either.

    Since we haven't heard from WP yet, we're faced with two possibilities:

    1. This was a complete blunder, and they're looking for a way to achieve whatever this was intended to achieve without the headaches that it has caused.

    2. They don't care. Deal with it or take your blog elsewhere.

    I hope that it's the former, and not the latter.

  16. @hbdchick I thought that was working again too, but didn't work here either, got the same error message. I wanted to deselect that too so my readers could at least comment without filling in their e-mail addresses. Now I just simply asked my readers to bang their heads on their keyboard to fill in a non-existing e-mail address, now they can leave comments that way.

    Still, I want a solution! Seems like there is no sign of life on the wordpress planet..

  17. UPDATE: OK, I just tried to leave a comment with my non-WP Gravatar while I WAS logged in. Still got denied. Got told I needed to be logged in. They didn't just change the comment system, they broke it too.

  18. I'm sure this won't make me any friends with the WP people; brutal truth:

    Update:’s Clumsy Changes to Commenting was a Knee-Jerk Attempt to Block a Single Impostor? FAIL

  19. My dashboard looks very weird atm, anyone else having that problem?

  20. @supketchup:

    My dashboard looks very weird atm, anyone else having that problem?

    Yes, mine looks funny, too.

    I can only guess that because anonymous (i.e. without needing any email) commenting came and went between last night and today, and now that the dashboard looks funny, that somebody, somewhere is working on this issue.

    Just wish they'd tell us what they're working on. I mean, are they planning to revert to the old comment system, or fix the new one, or what?

    It's frustrating to be stuck in limbo like this. =/

  21. Minotaur, I don't think the like me much either. I just sent Matt a Tweet. I think after all this nonsense lately, some of it very unprofessional in my view, I am going to have to go self-Hosted. I just can't afford such brand damage at this stage of development!

  22. On one hand, in the official blog the most recently published post is one post telling experienced bloggers nothing they don't already know about building a blog audience.
    On the other, in that same official blog there is no announcement of this change which appears to be a comment killer.
    Things just keep getting curioser and curioser ...

  23. See, my guess was that someone had been impersonating @photomatt, because rushed, ill-thought through stunts like this generally do originate at the top. Nearly right, just a different Matt.

  24. @TimeThief, yes, I noticed that too!

    @Wank, yes, it seems it was a friend, if Twitter is anything to go by.

  25. What I do not understand is this. You would think it would be to WP's advantage to have as many blogs as possible with high Google Page Ranks.

    Why on earth bring in changes that will possibly impact on the page rank of sites (I am not just referring to this issue, but for example all the Google Crawl errors some of us are experiencing and other issues). Surely this is consequently a negative for WP?

    Let's face it, it is those blogs with reasonable page ranks that will move to other platforms. Some of us have business reasons for having a blog, such as mine of building an author platform. We can't afford to be negatively impacted every week by something new that is faulty or not properly tested before deployment.

    WP will be left with a lot of lesser ranked blogs: isn't that negative for WP?

  26. I am now COMPLETELY unable to comment as a WP user on certain blogs. It sends me round in circles and never posts the comments. Does WPReally care if I lose friends over this? It's disgusting. And I had planned to pay for an upgrade.

  27. I so agree with everyone here. At my old blog the site owners would post a simple message: We're working on it! I can't tell you how happy and patient people felt afterwards. All they want is to know the problem is being worked on!

  28. How absurd that we have to log in to respond, to a comment in our own WP account, and that other WP users have to do the same in order to comment.

    How unprofessional of WP not to mention this situation, and leave all of us dangling.

    This is so non user friendly. I can't comment on particular blogs, the comments don't show up. I do not want to be restricted to WP users, and WP blogs.

  29. Yea unfortunately I think it may be a bit before anything changes. Based on the aforementioned twitter feed, it looks like Matt added this quick and dirty change as he was heading out the door for the weekend.

    So, while we're sitting here spending time frantically posting up announcements and worrying about how many readers and comments we're losing, Mr. Mullenweg is posting up pictures of the pizza he had for lunch.

  30. Adding my dissatisfaction. Anonymous comments with no email address are still serving up the "That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it" message.

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