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  1. Still getting complains from readers and they can make all the extra updates and clarifications they want, this update should not be fixed but completely gone. I was thinking about hosting and getting my own domain name outside of wordpress, now I'm pretty much forced to do so..

  2. you guys seems to do all the dirty tactics now to increase the users and traffic.

  3. hope doesn't start to sink like stumbleupon!

  4. I can't even start to express my frustration. My blog is still young and needs easy ways to comment, otherwise the reader will never come back. Now the only solution is to allow anonymous comments and try to instruct people simply not to leave their emails. Congratulations, WordPress, that was a hell of a decision!

  5. Haha...OK...I noticed that this rather annoying error message that displays is now in (at least) its 3rd incarnation, and now reads:

    That email address is associated with an existing (or account. Please click the back button in your browser and then log in to use it.

    Congrats, WP, it's slightly less confusing than the previous versions. However, what's prohibiting a direct link to a login page? Or better still, why not place a login form directly under the error message? (that is, if you still insist that this complete upheaval is the best way to deal with such a minor problem, which it isn't).

    You see, with that language, you're assuming that all the bloggers out there have prominently featured the 'meta' widget at the top of their sidebars, so that it's easy for readers to know what to do after hitting the "back button". Simply put, they don't.

    /Sorry for all the snark, but it's frustrating to watch this FAIL playing out in slow motion. (actually it's more of a double-FAIL, as Matt originally called it a WIN)

  6. OK, I guess you can log in on any blog by hitting the "W" icon in the commenting form, so I retract that part of my post. The rest stands.

  7. Isn't WP embarrassed by all this?

  8. OK, I know I keep coming back here, but hopefully people will find my latest thread on the issue helpful:

    Update: Commenting Changes (the Slightly Less Confusing Version)

  9. madeleinemiranda

    Guys, what is happening with our comments on WordPress?

    I keep receiving e-mails from my readers who get the following error message when they try to comment: "That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it." The problem is that the readers trying to comment have never had a WordPress account. I understand that the only way to leave a comment now is to put in a "fake" e-mail address. Not good!

    Can you please let us know when this issue will be resolved? Thank you!


  10. @madeleinemiranda
    Have you read the sticky post Staff placed at the head of thes forums? Recent Update to Commenting

  11. shambolicliving

    The sticky post from the staff says the problem has been fixed, yet people are still saying they can't comment ... wouldn't that suggest that it isn't fixed?

  12. @shambolicliving
    If your visitors have specific issues commenting on your blog will you please post what those issues are?

  13. @motre Even though I had six or seven tabs open at the time I don't think it's that because this morning I've encountered the same problem on my own blog. I could (presumably) post and go in and out of the dashboard, and I could leave replies to comments via the comments admin page, but I couldn't click the reply button directly on the comment on the post itself. On my own blog and all in one single tab. In any case, a change that makes things incompatible with something as basic as tabbed browsing isn't exactly a step forward, is it? I'd say it'd be as useful as a car that's incompatible with tarmac.

    Come on, Worsepress - and I'm calling you Worsepress because I'm coming to believe you are striving to be even more annoying than Blogger - this wasn't funny to start with but when bloggers can't comment on their own blog without resorting to workarounds there's got to be an admission that you've well and truly stuffed things up. Hey, we're all human and we all make big mistakes from time to time, but in the long run maximum embarrassment comes from sitting on it and pretending everything's just fine. Maximum respect is earned from holding your hands up, admitting you got it wrong and rectifying it as early as possible.

  14. shambolicliving

    @timethief the problem is the same as everyone has been describing messages saying that email is linked to wp account and people having to "log on" to get to leave a comment. While in the eyes of WP this may not be a problem, it may be the way they want the commenting procedure to be - we just need to know that it will be remaining this way because I will need to find an alternative platform, given that regular readers are telling me they don't want to log on via old wp accounts they may have never used. I've never had any complaints with the old commenting procedure before. It is also difficult to judge how big the problem is because most people won't contact you via other means to let you know they elected not to through the log in procedure.

  15. @angryexile & @shambolicliving

    Couldn't agree more. Now, here's how big my problem is: take a look at this picture and see how I tried to login, not to my wordpress account but to my own gravatar account. Not with my primary email address, but with one of two email addresses I put in it. I have one gravatar's account but with 3 emails in that account. I'm using my primary email address on my own blog, and use the other two when I do blogwalking, and I didn't have to login just to use those 2 email addresses before. This is really frustrating me. I can't use two other email address. If I login to my gravatar, I can only comment using my primary email address, not the other two. But if I comment using my 2 other email address, even if I already login to my wordpress/gravatar account, what happen next?

    I get the infamous error message: That email address is associated with an existing (or account. Please click the back button in your browser and then log in to use it.

    This is a great step forward or backward?

    Borrowing words from timethief, I'd like to say: We assume Matt and all of his happy engineers are quite capable off dealing with their customers' frustration in ways other than posting a sticky-and-closed-thread. I assume they have common sense and high enough IQs to understand that they shouldn't act like "we-know-what's-best-for-you". We assume they're adults enough more than the rest of us whose complaining this great improvement. Perhaps we assume too much or perhaps @danieljoshi is right: these guys seems to do all the dirty tactics to increase the users and traffic.

  16. OccupyWordpress?

  17. @thesacredpath



  18. @danieljoshi: "these guys seems to do all the dirty tactics to increase the users and traffic."

    Right. The argument about fixing a problem of people putting the same comment on multiple threads is bogus. People know this and resent being lied to. There was never a problem. Real spam comments are filtered amazingly efficiently by Akismet. WP seems determined to have a comment interface as annoying as Blogger's. In fact, it is going through the same corporate transformation as Google already went through, from cool startup to uncool revenue- and traffic-obsessed monolith.

  19. But even if you regard the change as necessary, it has been extremely clumsily implemented, as minotaur2010 says.

  20. how long do you think it will be before WP goes the FB way and implements full-on data mining and all that s**t?
    (And maybe farmville too? You never know.)

  21. So many have not been able to enter my giveaway because of this - shame :(

  22. I agree occupy WordPress. Why can't people just leave a comment without this extra step. It worked before. Looks like WordPress do want more control and power, like any business, it's about what's good for them as opposed what's good for the blogger.

    They may also find WordPress bloggers shifting to other providers as this is one big own goal. I am certainly thinking of moving away.

  23. So, has staff addressed this issue? Is it going to be fixed? A lot, and I mean a lot of my followers have emailed me stating they can't leave a comment! This is so disheartening.....

  24. Here's what one of my readers had to say over twitter (about my blog I assume)

    "@yihsieh321 it is a site-wide issue I ran into with a few blogs recently; I took it as a sign I should not give a fuck."

    Here's another one:

    "@yihsieh321 @6ry I hope they'll resolve the issue soon so I can comment freely. For now, yeah, I won't give a fuck as well."

    This... actually kind of hurts a lot. :(

  25. I just turned off the "require email and name" for leaving comment, but after an hour, it is still up on my blog... how long do these types of admin wide changes take to update on a site?

    For us baby bloggers who are just now starting to watch our readership grow, this has been a terrible blow.

  26. I personally think everyone needs to shut up and deal with it. All most of you people are just sounding like idiots by going at wordpress and at each other. Yes, wordpress flipped some of us off, but it's time to let it go.

  27. shambolicliving

    @itstwoam I turned my 'require email and name' off last week, it hasn't made any difference people with a gravatar or wp account as of yesterday still had to log in to comment. You are right as a baby blogger it is incredibly disheartening (although perhaps it's even worse if you have a big following and suddenly people start ditching you).

  28. iano10 :: Some people might not discount your opinion entirely if you used proper grammar.

  29. @shambolicliving:

    I turned my 'require email and name' off last week, it hasn't made any difference people with a gravatar or wp account as of yesterday still had to log in to comment.

    This only works if your readers DON'T type in an email address. I've enabled anonymous (i.e. without having to type in an email) comments -- in fact, that's the way I've always had my settings -- and they work on my blog. But the field has to be left blank.

    From when I first started the blog, I've told my readers that they don't have to type in an email. It's been a bit of an awkward solution, but I have a little note appended to the bottom of each of my posts ("note: comments do not require an email.").

    Since the "upgrades" to the comments last week, I've just been recommending to all of my readers to skip typing in an email address.

    Of course, I understand that this solution might not be to everyone's tastes/fit everyone's needs.

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