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  1. So... Has this been fixed yet? Are they doing anything to fix this? It seems people are still having trouble commenting on my blog.

    I also have to ask, why was this feature even implemented? It serves no purpose other than a subset of readers to get a wordpress account who already have gravatar accounts.

    What happened to keeping things simple for the readers? In fact, in quite recent memory, that was the name of the game they hit us users with when they introduced the widely popular infinite scrolling thing only a few months ago.

    Blatantly out of touch...

  2. @listlessink

    We don't know has this been fixed or not. We only know: they're pretending to be 3 wise monkeys now. They dont' see, don't hear and don't speak in this thread. This thread only. You may see them in any thread except this one. :)

  3. shambolicliving

    My final thoughts on this issue. Oh the irony of a 44 year old mother from Port Macquarie now "tweeting" some computer dude called Matt who I had never heard of before last week in desperate attempt to get some resolution to this problem! I am technically incompetent, hence why I was on in the first place because of it's ease-of-use. I appreciate everyone's attempts here to find ways around this problem but in reality having to put messages on my blog with instructions on how to comment is never going to be a workable solution.

    Just in case someone from WP is reading this who has the power to change the situation. It seems the new commenting system is (1) not letting people know they have to log in BEFORE they write their comments (2) losing their comments once they get the message they have to log in. I've experienced the frustration first hand having tried to comment on someone elses blog with my WP id only to lose my comment. People are not prepared (or unable) to remember old passwords from long forgotten WP accounts. Also, logging in with old, unused WP accounts appears in some cases to have meant they are not linked to their current blogs.

    We work so hard to get people to visit our blogs to discover they are leaving frustrated by trying to leave a comment is so disheartening. As I said previously in most cases we will never know because those people won't contact us on twitter or facebook to tell us they couldn't communicate on our blog.

    I don't know if the problem is fixed (yesterday I asked two regular readers to try to comment and they were still receiving the login messages). I'm assuming this is to be the new method of commenting and it saddens me that the organisation hasn't provided any responses to the concerns that have been expressed here.

    I was interested to see this morning when I tried to find out what was involved in a "Guided Transfer" there was a message saying that the service was temporarily suspended as daily limits had to be applied due to overwhelming demand. Perhaps that's saying something?

    I love the community and participating in things like the weekly photo challenge. I'm also very grateful for the fact that it was free, because my financial circumstances wouldn't have allowed me to spend any money on blogging when I started. But in the long run, to have a successful blog I want to be able to build my own community and have people exchanging thoughts and ideas. If the commenting system is too convoluted to allow that I will have to make other arrangements.

    Thanks for listening to the whinge, I promise it's the last one.

  4. This is so freaking sad and pitiful I can't believe it, and soooo unnecessary. I seriously wonder what is going on in the collective head of AutoMATTic.

    @shambolicliving, I wish you the best of luck.

  5. stillanunfinishedperson

    Shambolicliving, just to let you know that I'm with you in spirit and agree with everything you wrote above. I've been with for seven years and only this past year have I experienced any problems, mainly because of the lack of communication from the company. I will be switching to my own host in May. In the meantime, I'm going to be using Posterous or Tumblr (mainly because of a photo meme I'm participating in for April). Thanks,, for helping a blogger begin his journey. I only wish that I could stay with you throughout the journey. Alas, because of mismanagement and miscommunication (even lack of communication), that will not be.

  6., you screwed up. You just did. You rolled that change out without forewarning, and just totally messed it up in the process. And requiring Gravatar users to log in also? Shameful.

    Please roll that back out again.


    Just sayin'.

  7. Nobody's listening.

  8. Shambolicliving, completely understand where you're coming from. People still can't comment without jumping through ridiculous hoops - which I say as someone who has recently been dealing with a troll with a bunch of hijacked nics impersonating other people - and with no updates from Worsepress for four days the silence is now deafening.

    Do I really need to go back to Blogger just so anyone reading my blog can comment easily again? When I jumped ship and came to WP at the beginning of this year I said I was leaving Blogger for good but it's starting to feel like that was a mistake.

    "Waiter! A large slice of humble pie please..."

  9. I have just had this email from a guy in Italy, who may be older, but has published many books and is not stupid:

    Dear David, I have tried to reply to your latest article, but I could not post it since I have registered with WordPress. It must be my fault.
    I registered thinking of doing a good thing, but I need my son's advice to understand how I should do it.

  10. And now I've received the first of my daily dose of emails - this one from a woman who maintains a blog on Blogger:

    "They [WordPress] don't want to log me in and I have a terrible time getting comments on any wordpress blog"

    Good job, WordPress. This woman has been commenting on my blog for a couple of years or more, and now she can't get in, despite our best efforts to figure it out.

    I'd prefer not to see one more post advising us how to increase interaction on our blogs until this mess is straightened out.

  11. It looks like this change was not beta tested, so I suggest WordPress should "beat a retreat" and uninstall the change until it does work. Surely that's not too much to ask?

  12. shoreacres-

    I've had to make a few announcements on my own blog over this, and I posted up some instructions for our readers. I still hope WP changes this back to the way it was, but with the current situation I think this should help just about everyone:

    Update: Commenting Changes (the Slightly Less Confusing Version)

  13. biguglymandoll

    This is a serious fail; I've taken to Twitter to yell about it - suggest the rest of us do the same. @shambolicliving - you said it.

    WordPress, if you're reading - please, roll it back and think it through. I'm sure you can find a way to let people know to log in *before* you hose their comments.

  14. @bigdave44, nothing at WP is beta tested, apparently. not even that level of consultation or responsiveness happens. there was never a problem with comments. real spam was very effectively weeded out before this.

  15. Example of what I just said ... so this is not off-topic ...

    The summary stats for views by country (introduced last month) give exactly the same results for "last 7 days" and "since February 25 2012".

  16. When is this going to be fixed? In my communication with WordPress, I was told the matter was resolved and it hasn't been.

    What other blog hosts are out there that are better? I'm thinking if my readers can't post comments -- and I can't comment from my iPod -- then what's the point of a WordPress blog?

  17. Yeah, it's been just friggin' awesome getting frustrated messages from people trying to post. If it goes on much longer without further comment or resolution, I'm definitely gonna be shopping around for a more reliable platform. You this used to be.

  18. Pretty much, my blog isn't even on, but because I briefly created an account here to play around with the interface I now can't comment on any blog without logging in, which is THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING EVER when I just typed a multi-paragraph comment that went into the ether cause I wasn't logged in. In theory if I change the email on the .com and gravatar pages to one I never use I'd be fine....except gravatar appears to be unable to properly make the email change and so it STILL says there's an account when there isn't....and attempts to contact support aren't working because apparently they're so far behind on tickets they aren't accepting any more unless you have a paid plan! ANd gravatar support isn't responding to emails.

  19. Gotta add my voice to the chorus of the discontented here. I switched from WP to Blogger years ago because I couldn't deal with the constant "upgrades" and the constant problems caused by said "upgrades." But virtually EVERYBODY in my little circle of bloggers is having commenting problems. People are even reporting problems trying to comment on Blogger blogs when they try to sign in to comment via their WordPress accounts.

    I am REALLY wishing that I had never signed my blogging email address up for a Gravatar account... I only did it so my avatar would appear, but now I'm totally stuck, because when I comment the links go to the ridiculous Gravatar account instead of to my blog. Might have to get yet ANOTHER email address just so I can comment without being sucked into this crazy vortex.

    Still bitten by the WordPress "updates" years after dumping WordPress. Sigh.

  20. Even if they work out the bugs, commenting is still going to be much more difficult than it was before, and for some that will mean they simply won't comment anymore rather than go through all the extra BS.


  21. And against the spirit of blogging. THERE WASN'T A PROBLEM!

  22. I'm now waiting for the next innovation/regression. Deletion of blogs that have had no new posts for 90 days?

  23. They'll never delete blogs; they like the inflated user numbers too much.

    Of course, forcing the owners of dormant accounts to log in to (attempt to) comment on other blogs is also a handy way of bloating the number of 'active' users on More BS figures to feed the advertisers, in short.

  24. Follow the money as they say.

  25. Yes, thesacredpath, common theme in the internet world. Good idea, grows, taken over, shareholders want their return, screw their their customers. In this case, user names will be used - you cannot get off this train- pathetic

  26. Seems also sad that having taken on Gravatar WP is now making it less attractive for users. My loyal commenters who had taken the trouble to get a gravatar, now don't use it - if they even comment at all now.

  27. hi
    I experience the same problem too..... number of comments on my posts has been falling down since March 15, now I understand why. Please WP, do something, put the former way of commenting BACK !!!!
    such a pain

  28. FYI, for folks who don't use their accounts, if you change the email on both the gravatar and .com account to something you never use, you can go back to using your main email to comment with, you just won't have a pretty picture as your icon. It DOES work, but you have to clear cookies and maybe even shut down your browser once the swaps have been made, but as of this morning it appears to have worked for me.

    I know its not much help for you bloggers who's commenters are having trouble, but maybe a pinned post at the top of everything to explain?

    And yes, I'm still pissed at WP, actually I'm even more pissed. During the whole mess of trying to get email's switched I discovered that at some point they had created a 2ND account under my OTHER email (which is NEW because it came with my hosting package which I got AFTER I decided wasn't going to work for me, and which I NEVER signed up for a account with AND sure as heck never agreed to a TOS on), AND that there were at least 3 different gravatar accounts.

    It also appears that Askimet creates yet ANOTHER gravatar account for you, so if you use Askimet on your blog, and can't figure out WHY your email is STILL saying it has an account, AND you used that email to sign up for Askimet, check gravatar again using that EMAIL as your log in.

  29. You think anyone's going to work that out? 1% of users might. wank is right, this is just a way to create BS numbers to feed advertisers and screw the users.

  30. which is why I posted it, but yah, I totally agree, and I'm pissed as hell at the creating of extra accounts without informing the customer and having them agree to a TOS.....actually I'm not sure its legal.....

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