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password strength

  1. It's my business how "weak" my password is. I tried to sign up for your site, but you wouldn't accept my password. I use the same password for everything as I don't have to remember a lot of passwords that way. If it were somethign important or sensitive, I'd use a better password!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. add seven zeros to the end of your weak password and just get it over with. Good luck.

  3. Careful, I might faint.

  4. Sorry, no offense to you. Its the stupid site. If i was protecting anything imp. Id use a tougher pass. This isnt imp. It seems the less imp the site, the tougher the pass they require. It pmo.

  5. jonathansadowski

    @gm31013: Please use a civil tone when using the forums, see our guidelines here:

    Note: I have edited your posts to remove foul language so that I can answer your question and hopefully provide you with some helpful suggestions.

    We require strong passwords to prevent malicious access to your account. If you have issues remembering your passwords, I suggest using a password keychain, such as 1Password.

  6. ...or just use your neighbour's address, something like: 3245mainstreetmytown. Easy to remember, and the system will accept it as a strong password.

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