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You Tube code not working

  1. I have tried the code you guys suggested but it is still not working. What I am doing wrong?

  2. Would help if you copied and pasted the *EXACT* code you are trying to paste in your Posts. I'm afraid we're not mind readers around here. :)

    A quick look at your blog shows me that you might not be using the code that we suggest.

  3. um ok i used this one [youtube=] and I use this one [youtube=]

  4. Be careful how many you post. I seem to have a maximum of five I can post on one page before they turn into blank white boxes. If you have five on a page and want to add one more, I suggest you add other entries till the fifth video has been pushed to the "previous entry" page. Sometimes you can have more, but six is totally pushing it. I do not know why this happens, but it doesn't happen when I only have one or two on my main page.

  5. Yeah, I only have two but it didnt work when I had one either. its just a box if you roll a mouse over a outline of a box comes up thats about it.

  6. I just tried a test page with the links you put above and this one works fine


  7. Are you using the url link that they give you? Not the url link of the page though.

  8. Well thats odd. I dont know then.

  9. i used the URL of the page but edit the way Word said to.

  10. That's what is messing it up. I was wondering what was going on. Word changes html and that was what was throwing it off. If you look at the source code of your Post, you'll note that it's royally messed up.

  11. i mean the way WordPress said to do it. sorry for the confusion.

  12. Try a test post. Copy everything between the quote marks below into a new blank post, click 'save and continue editing' to test it.


  13. But isn't it:


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