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You Tube Links have disappeared

  1. Since the Dashboard Maintainance today, it seems the youtube links no longer work. I have simply got a blank white square in place of what was originally a youtube link. I have noticed it on other WP'ers who use youtube links and I have had comments from my readers. Any clues as to whether it is just me or if there is a major problems with video links?

  2. Same problem here! I also checked the UTube site. they are doing some maintenance too. Maybe something is wrong at their end?

  3. The blank videos are related to the scheduled YouTube maintenance, not the maintenance.

  4. Mine seem to be back now. Check yours again. If they're still white I've got a suggestion. Sometimes you get the white boxes if your cache is full, so cleaning it out and restarting always fixes that for me.

  5. Mine have come back.

  6. It all seems to be working after a cache clearance.

    Thanks, all.

  7. Hullo. My Utube links have gone again. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
    A minute later: I just went to check raincoaster's tube links. His are blank too. Wondering what's wrong with UTube? Are they doing this only to the WordPress Blogs?

  8. They load fine for me now. YouTube is a glitchy thing.

  9. Mine is okay now.

  10. Mine are all gone

  11. Mine are all gone, but only in Internet Explorer, Firefox works OK.

    This is weird...

  12. Mine are still not working.

  13. Just installed IE7, still no dice. Firefox still working, though.

    It looks like some issue with IE+wordpress, as I'm seeing embeds with IE ok in other blogs (blogger, for example)...

  14. "Mine are all gone, but only in Internet Explorer, Firefox works OK.

    This is weird... "

    Same here. That's all of the latest IE versions....

  15. I bet this is a YouTube issue, not WordPress. It seems when anybody upgrades their system it's messy in IE (Technorati has a similar issue) but if they hear from enough users they'll fix it pronto.

  16. Ours disappeared too! I dont know why, but it is definitely really annoying! It's as if it was an image that was not loading, with the red x in a square in the top left corner.

  17. @travelinggap
    Don't forget to send in a support request at Youtube.

  18. Mine have gone again. Looks like it's a big problem.And I just wrote in feedback that it's okay!!
    And this time there is no white square. It's just grey with a little red cross in the top left hand corner.

  19. Mine are gone too.

  20. Maybe the problem is wide spread. How about posting in the unofficial youtube support forum? And sending an email to the official one

  21. Yes, the continuing erratic problem appears to be on You Tube's side.

  22. Mine is gone , too.

  23. Blame Google. They bought it and then destroyed it.

  24. This is unbelievable! This is absolutely 100% WordPress's fault, and I know how you can fix it.

    There's a stray "p" tag in the embedded object html code that's generated by WordPress that breaks Internet Explorer but not Firefox.

    I was able to discover and verify this within 5 minutes by saving the html source of my wife's blog home page and removing those stray tags.

  25. cosmochickconfessions

    mine as well. boo hoo!

  26. I just checked and it isn't the case for my blog. Check on an individual basis; perhaps it's happening when the posts are made in IE. I had some stray code attached a few days ago, but have been posting in Firefox lately and no extra tags have been added.

  27. I do all my posts with Performancing and Firefox and have the problem.

    I tried creating a post from scratch in the visual editor, the problem was still there... :(

  28. Also, maybe the [resolved] label should be removed from this thread...?

  29. It still doesn't appear on my blog. All the posts have been written with FF over the last months and are visible with FF. I know that most of the people reading my blog don't use FF though.

  30. At YouTube itself today, I noticed a few problems; random bits of code appearing on pages, etc. Double-check your own posts to make sure there's no extraneous code and if it's still a problem, drop YouTube a line. I'm going to check my blog out with IE6 in a few hours. My readers are complaining they can't see anything with IE.

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