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You Tube Videos "No Longer Available?"

  1. crushed4iniquity

    When I pust You tube videos on the way I'm supposed too and I try to click play, it says "We're Sorry, this video is no longer available." yet I can go watch it on you tube.

  2. crushed4iniquity

    IT's weird. I refreshed the page and tryed playing the video and it worked. Huh?

  3. This is happening to me now, but reloading doesn't help. Any ideas?

  4. You might be clicking too soon. When I had a youtube account it would take about an hour for the video to be posted to the public because it had to be processed

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  5. what I had to do was go to youtube, find the video you want, download it and then upload (you have to have a youtube account) and then paste the new website link into where you want it on your website

  6. Their were some tech probs with Youtube over last weekend.
    If it is your blog that has the embedded video problem, go back to the video at you tube and recopy the code and replace it your post.

  7. YouTube has developed several problems over the past few months. That's one of them. Another is that long videos tend to play to a certain point then go completely crazy. Oddly, if you then copy the URL and go to YouTube itself, the video plays correctly without a freakout.

  8. Yes I had problem with the videos going crazy towards the end of there play length too.

    Last weekend the I could not access youtube from any browser. I am not sure if the entire site went off line for a couple minutes. Since than I had to fix some videos and i had to re insert my vodpod widget.

    all is fine with me now, but I did not hear what the problem was.

  9. Yeah, YouTube was recently down. I didn't get the details of how long as I figured they'd get it sorted out anyway.

  10. @ mrsedubose
    you have resized Youtube images on a post. They are resized.
    I was wondering if you did that with MP4 uploads or if you know away to resize youtube video at


    Wow, I've never seen YouTube videos that small -- and in a Gallery too?! How did you do that?

  12. "I refreshed the page and tryed playing the video and it worked."

    This happens all the time... it just means a connection has gone stale, it might be an idea to put some text under the YouTube letting people know they might have to reload the page if they see the message.

  13. well i uploaded a video on youtube and linked back on my was working fine when i played back...but after a few days i checked it was no longer working...quite weird! is still working on yutube

  14. Can you give us a link to the post on your blog where it isn't working? Hard to guess what's going on otherwise.

  15. My visitors are complaining about the same issue, but I myself have not discovered this issue yet. May be support here can check it out.

  16. I tried cutting and pasting and even inserted the links but nothing worked so i just gaved up and signed up for vodpod videos.

  17. Hi mikecane & dlager

    Basically you have to create a table..create how many rows you want.. To resize you just use the basic Youtube code and add "&w=300&h=200"..This is how you can change the default size...I have pasted my code for you.

    This is the youtube resizing can change up w and h how you want it..

    This is table code
    <table style="width: 505px; height: 56px; text-align: center;" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    <td style="text-align:center;" width="393" valign="top">[youtube=] 1</td>
    <td style="text-align:center;" width="399" valign="top">[youtube=]2</td>
    <td style="text-align:center;" width="393" valign="top">[youtube=]3</td>
    <td width="399" valign="top">[youtube=] 4</td>
    <td style="text-align:center;" width="393" valign="top">[youtube=]5</td>
    <td style="text-align:center;" width="399" valign="top">[youtube=]6</td>

  18. Wow, thanks for that. Neat trick.

  19. I knew about resizing youtube, done it in blog entries. But whenever I've tried to that in sidebar, it did not work. Have you had success doing this, mrsedubose? :)

  20. Aha! I never new about the extra mark up to resize.
    and without it it made my table cells really big.

    your a teacher? you must have very, very lucky students!
    ...will credit and link to your site when I get my own made.

  21. diamondfistwerny
    nope I haven't tried in a text widget...i would assume it would have to be VERY small

    dlager and mikecane
    You are welcome. Yep I am a science teacher. My loves are science and technology so the kids do enjoy it

  22. @mrsedubose
    thanks again, i think other people are going to like this tip as well.

  23. I have the same problem with the message:
    "We're Sorry, this video is no longer available"
    Here you have the link to my blog to check the problem:
    I've tried refreshing and checking the youtube code and nothing.



  24. Youtube can make videos unavailable anytime they wish. It's one of the reasons I no longer use them that much for blogposts. dancl, if you go to the actual page of that video, the person who uploaded it has now made it to where the video can't be embedded on blogs. That's why it won't play on your blog.

  25. oh yes! you're right!
    Actually I haven't seen that because with wordpress you don't need the embed code. Thanks very much... I'll leave just the links then. Personally I use without a problem since few months now... I just use youtube as reference to others as it's more popular.

    thanks again diamondfistwerny (long name ah! :) )

  26. @ Dancl, yeah I just now link from this point forward. I usually find a cool relevant picture in place of the YouTube display for people to click on to take them to the link.

  27. @ diamondfistwerny, yes I was thinking on it but... ok I'll do it :) thanks!

  28. @ diamondfistwerny, OK... it's done! for sure is better this way showing a small thumbnail from the video. Here you can see the results:
    Thanks again


  29. Looks good!

  30. It's not a WP problem, but a youtube one, I just repost another video (the same but from another youtube user) or repost it again and it works.

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