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You watched Avatar?

  1. Has anyone here not watched Avatar yet?

    I ask that as it just passed $1,000,000,000 worldwide sales :).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It was freakin' amazing! I went and saw it twice lol. I wrote a reveiw not too long ago about it.

  3. it was really great visually and i enjoyed it.
    then a lot of folks started talking about racist overtones in it, and it made me reconsider the film.

    heres a link to a discussion on the topic ( i dont think the article is necessarily as good as the discussion that follows in the comments)

  4. I saw it, but I don't think it was worth all the hype. :p It was an awesome movie, but not super-fantastic.

  5. I enjoyed the visuals greatly (saw it in 3D), but thought the storyline was predictable and a bit dull. While I wouldn't say 'racist' exactly it has all been done before, and I think adding a surprising twist or two in the plot would have made it worthy of all the special effects.

  6. Yeah i saw it, it was alright, i wish 3-D films didnt cost so much to see.

    I've got a post on 3-D films if you're that way inclined

  7. I agreed with crookedcrochet, the story was a little dull. I also found the movie 1h too long... But maybe it was because I had a very bad seat!

  8. shopfrontsigns

    My kids loved it and so did I, great special effects,

    We saw the film 'UP' at the cinema, now that was funny.

  9. UP! Was ok but it had quite a few sad moments.

    Here a movie is $12, $7 on Tuesdays and 3D has a $3 charge for glasses so its not bad.

  10. "I do not like the cone of shame. "

  11. I loved Up, it was funny and smart!

  12. unknownwpressuser

    it was good kind of wondered though why it wasn't just called Pandora?

  13. I saw it. While the plot wasn't everything, it was cinematographic brilliance.

  14. It was nice to be reminded of my childhood with such a nice re-make of pocahontas.

  15. Loved the 3D but best of all it had a really good story and acting. Rare to find all 3 in one blockbuster movie. I rarely go to the movies but this one was worth it.

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  16. Meeeeee!

    I'm really interested in the technology, but the plot is just...I got @douglaskev's link's racist overtones from the trailer, and then when I read the rest on Wikipedia.... I'd rather wait for something with a sense of humor and no deus ex machina if I'm going to be dropping $15 on IMAX tickets.

  17. Haven't, don't intend to. Really doesn't look like me thing.

    Best dvds I've seen recently: Fog of War, Taxi to the Dark Side and Leon (for the bazillionth time)

  18. who ever say Avatar isnt a good movie doesnt have a clue what he talks about or may be he doesnt understand what the movie talks about.

    Loved the movie, loved the aspects of it.. i think the movie is bleeding brillient

  19. I haven't scene it, I think I am the only one who hasn't...

  20. wiredthroughwords

    I liked it a lot. I saw it twice in fact. The visuals blew my mind and I think that it really did redefine what was possible for movies to do in terms of immersion. I did pick up on the so called, "racist," elements though that is the risk that you have to take every time you have an intersection of two racial or ethnic groups in fiction. I'm sure there was no malice in it, it's just that people have had their consciousness raised so now we do consider these things in a lot more depth. Personally, I think the, "racist," thing was overblown since I think that in the end, Jake was just as Na'vi as the Na'vi were. He had truly integrated the culture and values of the Na'vi into himself so he wasn't just human posing as a Na'vi but an actual Na'vi which eliminates the racist undertones completely. If anything, it shows how culture is learned and that people aren't so different from each other after all. As Bruce Lee said, "Under the sky, we're all one family."

  21. Officially by China's history, I am China's Emperor and head of state in exile. I went to the movies and saw Avatar. I thought that it was a great movie. For me it was very touching. I liked the theme of good conquering evil and the good guys winning and the bad guys losing. I really do hope that life is this way.

  22. I enjoyed it as a film, but struggled wth 3D to really enjoy the effects. Nice to see some tecnological advances in the industry though, but i would bet that 2D will prevail as 3D will give up as a gimmick...

  23. I actually thought Avatar was better than I expected. I heard a lot of hype about it and usually when that happens I get disappointed. My cousin's review was it was a pretty good movie but runs a little long.

    So after watching it I thought that it was a well done movie even with the expected plot. The colors really blew me away. I thought that visually, with the colors and CG, it was really in a class of its own.

  24. Lol i saw it. It sucked.
    AND NOW it has hit a low with sales. haha. The first week or 2 it was strong and now it's trying to survive.

  25. I loved that movie! i saw it twice, in 3d both times

  26. I thought it was incredible! I went to the I-max 3-D and saw it twice :)

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  27. Yeah.. I saw it. Not bad. anyway, The Climax is Cool and Romantic.

  28. yeah.. I liked it, nice movie

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