You will lose followers if you change Blog Web Address (URL)

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    There’s not much help with this topic. The only info you get is to be directed to this site,

    It doesn’t say anything about losing or not losing followers if you change your URL.

    So I tested it out myself. I have 2 accounts under different email addresses. I followed Blog A using Blog B. Blog A is pretty inactive so I didn’t care if I lost my followers. Once I changed the name, I did a test post. I then went to check my ‘reader’ with Blog B and the post did not show.

    FYI, I checked the box to permanently delete the original URL on Blog A. Also this was only a URL change using URL’s. For example, to uljgbgk; No upgrading or anything like that.

    So I guess you will lose your followers if you change your URL. Unless if it takes time to update or something.

    The blog I need help with is



    New blogs don’t show on the Reader, so it’s quite possible this is related. A new URL is a new blog as far as the web goes.

    I note also that we used to be told that all readers goingto the old address would automatically be redirected to the new address, but now it appears that’s not the case unless you purchase the Redirect Upgrade.

    All in all, I would NEVER recommend changing a URL except to get a custom domain.


    I just rad this today aftr changing my blog name and username yesterday! How long does it take for new blogs to appear on the reader?



    Hi all – when you simply change your blog address/URL, you should not lose your followers. I just tested to make sure, and I didn’t lose any.

    But we are having an issue right now where follower counts aren’t displaying accurately (even though the followers are still there). If you like, please reply and link me to the specific blog where you’re missing followers and I’ll take a look.



    If you change your url you have access to your followers but they will no longer see your posts in their ‘reader’ so unless you notify them one by one then I would consider them lost.



    Hi there – they should still see your posts in their readers and get the email subscriptions if they’ve chosen to receive those. I just tested this a couple times to make sure, and all worked as expected.

    Did this not happen for you in your testing? Could you please walk me through which specific URL you changed, and what follower account you tested with, so I can take a look?



    Hi! I didn’t expect anyone would offer any kind of real attention. So thank you.

    Being able to see new posts after changing the URL did not occur.

    This is the blog (blog A) where I changed the URL. It used to be

    This is the blog (blog B) where I used to follow blog A. I do not see new posts on the ‘reader’ page.

    Thank you!



    Hi there – Hmm, I see what you mean. It seems there’s an error in the feed of that site. I’ve asked our developers to take a look at it, and I’ll let you know what I hear.


    Hi there! I’m having the same issue. I changed my URL yesterday and have the site redirect upgrade and all.

    My husband is subscribed to my blog. He got the latest email notification but no longer sees my blog on his reader. Stats seem to indicate that my other followers didn’t see it either. (Or that they thought my first paragraph was a lot less interesting than anything I’ve written to date.)

    My new URL is

    Old URL was

    Love your blog, by the way, eurello :)



    bronwynandadam, I’m uncertain if this issue has been resolved or not, so I am following up on it for you and mindo240.


    Thanks Jackie! A reader messaged me this morning confirming the problem. Apparently it’s ok in feedly and by email and it shows up on the wordpress reader if you search by tag but people subscribed via the WordPress reader (apparently quite a high proportion of my visitors) are no longer seeing it under “blogs I follow”.


    Ok, it appears to be fixed now! Whatever you did, thanks!


    Er, yeah, alright, I spoke too soon. It’s NOT fixed, BUT if someone unfollows then re-follows me it does fix it, plus new followers since the change are all fine (hence the confusion).

    Only problem then is letting all my old followers know they need to unfollow and re-follow me if they want to keep following me. I know “SEO For Bloggers” and “Make Money Online” in particular will be crushed if they miss a single new post.

    Anyone want to weigh in on the protocol for this type of social interaction? I’ve sent a message to a couple of very frequent commenters but it’s neither practical nor, necessarily, polite to message everyone.



    We’re still looking into the issue, and I’ll let you know if I have any updates for you.

    In the meantime, there’s really no ‘protocol’ for notifying followers. If you’ve changed your blog address, you might make a post about it just to remind people to update their bookmarks, and throw in a brief note that if they aren’t receiving new post notifications they might try unfollowing and refollowing.



    Hi there
    I just changed my blog address, but have noticed a different problem: not all of my pictures have updated to the new address…. most, but not all… do I just have to wait longer?


    Thanks Jackie, will look forward to any updates.

    I was half joking about the protocol. I’ve already done a post as you suggested, but of course if I’m not showing up on the reader they don’t see my post telling them why I’m not showing up on the reader or what to do about it.

    I’ve contacted the people I have most interaction with, but I don’t want to pester everyone who’s ever followed me/hit my like button OR offend anyone by leaving them out and I’m just having your garden-variety social anxiety about it – nothing new :) I’ll work out a comfortable compromise.

    I have started adding a short note to the bottom of new posts explaining the situation for any old followers who stumble through and haven’t caught up.

    FWIW my photos seem to have come through ok – sorry about yours though nmskylla! Hope it gets fixed up.



    “I know “SEO For Bloggers” and “Make Money Online” in particular will be crushed if they miss a single new post.”

    That is the single funniest line this forum has seen in a VERY long time.

    Also: were the most recent posts scheduled posts, perchance? There used to be an issue where if you scheduled a post to go live later, the feed never went out. It might be recurring.


    No, not scheduled. Just me hitting the publish button.

    (Gosh is that really the funniest line in a long time? That’s a pretty dire situation…)



    You’re telling ME!


    Hi, guys hope you can help me out:

    I have lost my domain name and cant access my blog any longer as my domain name is now being used by someone else. how can i fix this? my domain name used to be but it doesnt even show up as either.
    any assistance would be great as my site is now vanished and is not visible on the wordpress or .com address.

    In my list of blogs on the dashboard it shows but I can not open it’s specific dashboard only the dashboard to my current blog

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

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