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You will lose followers if you change Blog Web Address (URL)

  1. Unfortunately, I'm having the same problem as bronwynandadam. My husband subscribes to my blog, and after changing the URL/Title the posts no longer show up in his Reader. And those who I considered "regular followers" have not been interacting with my posts since I changed the blog URL/Title, which leads me to believe I'm no longer showing up in their Reader either.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. As I mentioned before, we're aware of the issue but it has not been resolved yet.

  3. It appears that the issue has been resolved, and in particular, I am seeing the posts from bronwynandadam's blog in my Reader now.

    If others who posted here are still hearing reports that their posts are not appearing in followers' Readers, please reply here with the address of your blog, and I will check on that for you.

  4. bronwynandadam

    Hi Jackie,

    People (like you) who subscribed after I changed the URL are fine. (So are people who unfollowed and refollowed me after the change of URL.)

    It's just the people who subscribed before the change who are affected, so I don't know if your tests have looked into this (I'm still not getting any interaction from them). It's as if they are still subscribed to - and that has stopped operating (whereas the new followers are subscribed to - which is functioning just fine).

    I've just thought of someone I can ask to double check, though so I'll let you know what feedback they give on the problem.

  5. @bronwynandadam thanks for letting me know. I've passed your feedback along and will let you know what I find out.

  6. Upon testing this further, it looks like the feed is indeed working now for older (pre-name change) followers. If you are getting complaints from users who are not seeing your posts in their Reader, please let me know their email address so I can check their feed.

  7. Ok yes thanks Jackie. As of today I'm now getting interaction from my previous followers. You guys rock!

  8. That's great! Thanks for letting me know. :)

  9. Hi @jackiedana. This is the same problem I'm having at

    Once I dropped the [dot]wordpress from the URL, I lost a ton of people. Basically, every non-email subscriber who hit 'Follow' before the change a couple weeks ago.

    Can you help? I really appreciate your time.

  10. I'm a dork.

    Links help...

  11. @mgriswold13, this appears to be a different issue, as your feed seems to be fine.

    Why do you believe you lost your followers? I see 362 followers on your blog right now.

    Everyone who used to go to should be automatically redirected now to

    You may have lost a little search engine juice with the domain change, but that should resolve itself in time.

  12. @jackiedana

    Thanks for writing back. Because I used to get dozens of visits from the Reader that stopped the day I made the change.

    It seemed impossible to believe that everyone who used to like and comment with great regularity would just disappear overnight at the same time.

    The experience @bronwynandadam described above is what I'm experiencing. New followers, post-change, all seem to be getting things fine. Email subscribers get posts fine.

    But all traffic from the Reader completely dried up the day I made that change.

    Either that. Or everyone who followed prior to that all stopped reading or died at exactly the same time. :)

    And I certainly pray that's not the case. I liked them a lot.

    I may be wrong. I'm mistaken all the time. But it's the only thing I can attribute to the sharp decline in visits beginning the day of the URL switch, save the SEO implications, which make perfect sense.

  13. I've just checked some of your oldest followers, and can verify that they are getting your posts in their Readers. If you know of specific followers who are not seeing your posts in their Reader, please let me know and I'll look into it further for you.

    You might also expand on the number of tags and categories you use (keeping the total under 15) so that more people are exposed to your blog (which looks really good, by the way!) in the tags in the Reader.

  14. Well, hell. That means the more they read, the less they like it!


    Thank you for saying nice things about the blog @jackiedana. It's been a very important and personal project these past few months. And I've been so blessed to have a few people tag along.

    I appreciate your time and help very much. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. :)

  15. You're very welcome. If you can pinpoint anything further, please let me know.

  16. Hi , could you please tell me what happens if I change my blog address and decide to keep my old blog too . Will the new blog address have all the followers ? If so , what about the old address ? Will it have all the posts or comments or followers ?

  17. You cannot CHANGE a blog address and keep the old address pointing to the same blog. If you change a blog address, you lose the old address. If you follow the change procedure, everything goes to the new URL except the search engine ranking, which gets reset to zero.

  18. aliciaspunsugar

    Hi, I seem to be having the same problem :(! After changing my URL, my friend could no longer see my new post in their Reader. I'm not sure if this is the case for my other followers

  19. @alici4yap It looks like your followers were transferred to your new blog address. Could you let me know the username or email address for the user who is not seeing your blog in their Reader?

  20. aliciaspunsugar

    Sorry, I forgot to subscribe to this topic. charisselaine is still unable to see my posts in her Reader. I fear that this might be the case for all of the other followers.
    Also, thank you for looking into this issue

  21. @alici4yap I have just checked on your user charisselaine, and they are definitely subscribed to your blog and should be seeing your posts in their Reader. If they still are not seeing your posts in their Reader, they might try logging out of, clearing their cache, and logging back in:

    If that doesn't work, they can remove themselves as a follower at and then follow your blog again to see if that helps.

  22. aliciaspunsugar

    Thank you for your help! My friend is now able to see my new post in her Reader

  23. That's great. Thanks for letting me know.

  24. I recently moved my website/blog from to (self-hosted). Someone at WordPress was kind enough to move my subscribers for me, and I see them on my subscribers list. However, I am certain that they are not receiving e-mail notifications or not seeing my posts in their readers, because I always get at least a couple of comments or "likes" when I post. Since the switch, I have published four posts with no response from my followers. Can someone help me find out what is or is not happening and help me fix it? Thank you! The website is

  25. I realize that I was not quite clear: my e-mail subscribers are fine. It's the subscribers/followers who are bloggers themselves who are not seeing my posts.

  26. In order to investigate this further, I will need to know the email address or username of a couple of your followers who you have confirmed are not receiving notifications. You can either post that information here (email addresses are redacted in the forums but I can see them), or you can ask those individuals to post here directly.

  27. Thanks so much. Here are two of them:; and Since my relaunch on 1/15, I have not had any "likes" or "comments" from any of my WordPress followers, which is odd, because I always had some with each post prior to that. It makes me wonder if they are getting notification. (I know that my e-mail subscribers are.) It also makes me wonder if my posts are being published to the WordPress Community at all, because, again, prior to the launch, I always had someone new either "Like, " "Comment," or subscribe. Thank you again for responding.

  28. I also meant to add that I don't know for sure that they are not seeing the posts; maybe no one likes them! It is just a-typical, and I want to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

  29. @anne107, it looks like your followers were transferred to the Jetpack blog at a temporary blog URL rather than your domain, so that may be causing some trouble here. Could you please open a new support request here and link to this thread, and I can continue to assist you there? Please add the tag "modlook" so I will see it.

  30. Thank you, Jackie. I'm not sure how to do what you ask. I don't know how to add a tag. <MODLOOK> Will that do it?

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