You will lose followers if you change Blog Web Address (URL)

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    None taken, raincoaster ;)

    Averagesouthafrican – that sounds like a horrible one! I have no idea where to start. Do you want the domain name back in particular, or just the posts? If the former, I’m wondering if there’s any way to transfer the thing wholesale to a new place.

    What happens if you go to and hit “transfer blog”??


    Sorry, that should read “if the latter”.


    I just want the posts back. When I try click on the blog it tells me my log in details have been changed and I can not access it :(


    Is that when you click on the blog title or “transfer blog” (below the blog title)?


    Sorry, it’s in the column “blog address”.

    So -> my blogs -> mouse over area under URL in “blog address” column to get two options:
    Change blog address
    Transfer blog

    What happens?


    It shows under linked blogs section for some odd reason.

    When I go to manage my blogs it shows me both my blogs but when I click on mentalxpress it tells me to log in which I can’t


    Hm. Sorry, I’m out of ideas (doesn’t take long with this stuff). Hopefully someone with more expertise will come through… good luck!


    Thank you for your help really appreciate it :)


    Hi @averagesouthafrican, two bits of bad news:

    When I visit,, it tells me that ‘the authors have deleted this site.’ Once you delete a site, the content and the url are not recoverable.

    I also looked up the registration for MENTALXPRESS.COM for you, and it seems that someone else registered that domain name almost two years ago, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get that one back.

    If you have further questions about this, could you start a new thread for your problem only? It will help the helpers keep the questions straight and make sure everything gets its own resolution. ;)



    I have already responded to averagesouthafrican here:

    There is a site with that URL attached to his account, but it was a Jetpack site and therefore not hosted with us.



    Unfortunately, I’m having the same problem as bronwynandadam. My husband subscribes to my blog, and after changing the URL/Title the posts no longer show up in his Reader. And those who I considered “regular followers” have not been interacting with my posts since I changed the blog URL/Title, which leads me to believe I’m no longer showing up in their Reader either.



    Thanks for letting us know. As I mentioned before, we’re aware of the issue but it has not been resolved yet.



    It appears that the issue has been resolved, and in particular, I am seeing the posts from bronwynandadam’s blog in my Reader now.

    If others who posted here are still hearing reports that their posts are not appearing in followers’ Readers, please reply here with the address of your blog, and I will check on that for you.


    Hi Jackie,

    People (like you) who subscribed after I changed the URL are fine. (So are people who unfollowed and refollowed me after the change of URL.)

    It’s just the people who subscribed before the change who are affected, so I don’t know if your tests have looked into this (I’m still not getting any interaction from them). It’s as if they are still subscribed to – and that has stopped operating (whereas the new followers are subscribed to – which is functioning just fine).

    I’ve just thought of someone I can ask to double check, though so I’ll let you know what feedback they give on the problem.



    @bronwynandadam thanks for letting me know. I’ve passed your feedback along and will let you know what I find out.



    Upon testing this further, it looks like the feed is indeed working now for older (pre-name change) followers. If you are getting complaints from users who are not seeing your posts in their Reader, please let me know their email address so I can check their feed.


    Ok yes thanks Jackie. As of today I’m now getting interaction from my previous followers. You guys rock!



    That’s great! Thanks for letting me know. :)



    Hi @jackiedana. This is the same problem I’m having at

    Once I dropped the [dot]wordpress from the URL, I lost a ton of people. Basically, every non-email subscriber who hit ‘Follow’ before the change a couple weeks ago.

    Can you help? I really appreciate your time.



    I’m a dork.

    Links help…

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