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You will lose followers if you change Blog Web Address (URL)

  1. As you create a new post, if you look at the "sidebar" you'll see a label "Tags" with a box to add a new one. Just put modlook in there, and that will flag your post for staff.

  2. Oh, OK. In your message, you said to open a new support request. So, I should create a new post, and use MODLOOK as a tag? Do I publish it? I wouldn't want my other subscribers to see it.

  3. Yes please, go to and create a new ticket. I need to do some troubleshooting and have a couple things you'll need to do, and I'd rather not do so in this thread.

  4. adventuregirl68

    Hi there,

    I just changed my blog name from to From the handful of followers I have I don't know whether they have dropped off or not. My biggest concern is that the page does not show up in google anymore and I realise that I need to redirect the site. However, the option asks me to redirect the new blog name when in actual fact I need to redirect the old to the new.
    My domain name is

    Please help, it's very annoying :-(

  5. bronwynandadam

    Hi adventure girl!

    I followed the guide here step by step and it worked:

    I wonder if you're in the right dashboard? I still have a dashboard for my old URL when I look under My Blogs, so you might just have to switch to the right dashboard to get everything the right way around.

  6. @adventuregirl68 if you changed your underlying address via the blog name change tool, your followers will have "followed" you to your new blog.

    Since your issue is unrelated to the other users in this thread, if you still are experiencing trouble with this, please post a new thread and tag it 'modlook' so we can take a look at it for you.

  7. ashleymparrish

    Hello! I decided to start self-hosting and got set-up with bluehost yesterday. I am currently blogging at, but will now be at the address Before I export and import all of my content, I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't lose any followers along the way. What is the best (free, if possible) way to do this? Will they just be automatically redirected to my new site? Thanks so much!

  8. I recently changed my blog url. Besides losing a lot of traffic, (which was expected, but disappointing) when a viewer clicks on any of my pictures I've posted on any of my blogs for a closer look, none of them work. This is the error:

    "404 Error

    It appears the website you are trying to visit is having technical difficulties or is no longer available.

    Please go back and try your request again or try searching Google to find another website with what you're looking for!"

    Can someone help me figure out what is happening and help me resolve the issue? Thanks in advance!

    the blog is:

  9. bronwynandadam

    Some of my pictures did this as well. It was because the address wasn't transferred across to the new URL. I had to edit the image URL to reflect the new domain name.

    For example:

    had to be edited to:

    Have you tried that yet?

  10. Thank you very much! Your solution worked like a charm! Hopefully I can get another question answered that I have regarding pictures... On my blog I'll have a picture posted. If you click the photo to get a bigger image, you get this:

    It's a much smaller picture. You then have to click on the tiny picture to get it bigger. Is there any way to have a bigger image displayed when one clicks on a picture in the blog the first time?

  11. @jennypaulson
    No you cannot get support for that site here. It's not hosted here but you already know that, right? If you don't have a username account at WordPress.ORG click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.ORG bloggers.

  12. @ashleymparrish if you install Jetpack on your new self-hosted site, we can transfer your followers from your site to your new site. Please post a new thread with your request (and with both URLs) and add the tag 'modlook' so we can assist you.

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