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Your best traffic sources?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm just wondering what your best traffic sources are? Search engines? Comments you left in other blogs/forums? Other blogs as such? Or something else?

    For me, it's a toss-up between comments I left and google search results (thanks to my niche topic). As my blog is pretty new, there are not many links out on the web I haven't put there myself. So I'm wondering how the ratio search engines to referrals looks at a more established blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This forum here is good at drawing people to my page and at the same time it provides me with links to other blogs that I find inspiring.
    Since you're new, I encourage you to stick around; with such a beautiful header, you'll make good friends!

    I also get a lot of of traffic from search engines but unfortunately, it always links to one and the same post that I wrote a while ago and not to the most recent ones.

  3. I find that most of my views, and comments, come from people I have met in forums and other blogs I have visited and commented on. I try to build "relationships" with those I meet on WordPress to keep our reading and commenting mutual and regular.

  4. 1) Twitter
    2) Facebook
    3) my other blogs
    4) Google Image Searches

  5. @hibiscusjaune thanks for the header praise. :) And that one post must have hit the zeitgeist nail on the head then.

    @sarahbaram Less artificial outbranching and just getting to know people. That sounds like good advice.

    @raincoaster Oh, interesting. I wouldn't have thought that twitter and facebook are still that important. I guess, it's all about how established you are on any given medium. ;)

  6. misplacedperson

    I don't get much from Twitter, probably because I only know one person on there and have no followers whatsoever.

    Most of my traffic comes from forums where I post regularly, and from Facebook. After that I get quite a bit from around WordPress and some from sites like Digg and Reddit. It's worth putting share buttons on your blog and submitting posts yourself to those sites.

  7. I'm on Twitter and FB all day long, and each of my posts goes to FB via Networked Blogs, which offers more exposure than just posting it directly; other people can post your blog to their walls automatically with Networked blogs.

    And on Twitter, I've got 5500 followers.

  8. For my its these forums that get the most traffic for me. The second is random google searches. People happen to google things that are similar to the titles in my posts.

  9. @misplacedperson Your twitter experience sounds familiar but good to know that the social bookmarking buttons actually do work. Somewhat.

    @raincoaster Networked Blogs? Never heard of that but that sounds interesting. And woah, 5500 followers will make for some traffic.

  10. misplacedperson

    @taletellerin: I'm a bit ambivalent about Twitter, to be honest, though I do like following the Dalai Lama. I should probably put more effort into gathering followers, but I don't really know how to go about it.

    You'll find NetworkedBlogs if you search on Facebook. I haven't had much traffic from that particular application as yet, but I only registered with it this week so early days.

  11. Has anyone got anything positive to say about the likes of blog surfer and alpha inventions?

    I tried them yesterday and while it caused an upswing in hits, I can't help but feel like its merely artificially inflated my figures. Would be interested to know if anyone has used them and found them to be worthwhile.

  12. @misplacedperson: The Dalai Lama is on twitter?! Okay, now that I think about it, it seems fitting.. Woah.
    And at the beginning I did put more effort into gathering followers but erh. I just tweet all my new posts and nothing more. Too busy with other parts of my life.
    And thanks for the info about NetworkedBlogs. So it's a facebook app. Which explains why I never heard of it as I find facebook horrible and stay as far away as possible. :)

  13. At this time from niche Internet forums that I have participated for the past 3 years prior to blogging.

    For niche subject blogs, it often helps to be active in like-oriented online communities.

    Also google keywords which actually our blog posts do contain precisely the concept that they need info. And these searches hit a range of our blog posts.

  14. Keyword rich posts, tags and search engine results do it for us + we have made many cool, open minded and inspiring bloggers here which we BOTH benefit from comments and blogroll exchange of each others blogs.

    of course its always up & down, but lately its been on a steady climb upwards

  15. I also get my traffic from FB twitter because I always share my post in there.

    But my number one traffic source is google...tho I rarely get comment from people who find my blog from google.

    I'm content to have a group of friends and blog community that come to my blog from time to time...they really matter because they are the one who leave comments in my post.

  16. Google Image Search seems to be the top source for me. My next guess would be twitter and FB and other search engines

  17. i get most of my traffic from blogs which i've commented on, and from the forums. fb and twitter can't help me because my blog is anonymous so that would kinda defeat the purpose. no traffic from search sites yet but *fingers crossed*

  18. ...another way that brings in traffic to us is viewing the search terms from the dashboard

    to see where people came from and what terms they used to find us. We then try to create more posts in regards to those terms (not all of them, but better quality ones)
    View the posts you have that generate the most traffic for your niche/blog then create more posts that are similiar.

  19. @webmistress Good point. In my case that's what I do anyway as my whole blog revolves around folktales. Can't really get more specific. :)

    @bokunosekai That's exactly how it is for me. Large portions of my traffic come from google but those don't comment. Not even the ones that do find what they're looking for.

    @nobodyouknow My blog is also anonymous in the sense that there is not my real name on it. Doesn't stop me from using twitter, though. :)

  20. @taletellerin Yeah...I kinda wish that they at least say something after reading it

  21. @bokunosekai Yes, that would be nice but doesn't seem to happen. I wonder if that's just the way it is or if it has something to do with them having to leave their email address....

  22. @taletellerin yeah maybe email is the problem!! some people might be too lazy to write down their email.

    This could be a good idea for WordPress to erase mail, or given the blog owner an option to include mail or not.

    To tell you the truth, I like surfing through WP blog because I don't have to write anything :) but the comment

  23. I think we can actually choose how much info people have to give in order to leave a comment. I seem to remember that I consciously left it at the full package though in the end people can always leave pretend-emails anyway. And the possibly harmful things are the urls anyway.... Hmm, might be an idea to change that setting...

  24. I remembered that the only optional is url, email is a must. Or maybe I am wrong :/

  25. This might be a stupid question...but what does WordPress Dashboard mean?? I often get my views from I've received 6 views from it.

    Is it the main page when we open or is it from the inside dashboard?

  26. If another member who is logged in clicks into your blog and/ or if Staff are doing backend work and click into your blog that's the result.

  27. Checked about the comments and no, you can disable the email so that every can comment without leaving even a name.

    And timethief, just so I'm not confused now - by click into your blog, you mean that they click a link in the blogroll or something in the dashboard? Because that's what I thought until now.

  28. No I have clicked your username here many times and have arrived on your blog.

  29. Oh. But then what is the difference between referrals that look like this "WordPress Dashboard" and those that look like this ""? I thought in the first instance somebody clicked on a link in their own dashboard while in the second one they clicked on a link I left on the thread (in this case, my username).

  30. I think you are right. :)

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