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Your best traffic sources?

  1. @Taletellerin thx , I'll check it out...but Name is a must, email is not important :)

    @Timethief Thanks for the explanation

  2. @timethief Good then. I'm not completely confuzzled then. :)

    @bokunosekai Yes, sadly you can only enable or disable name+email together as far as I saw. What makes me reconsider is - people can make up a name and an email address anyway so does it really help to make them put something into those boxes? On the other hand, I would like to at least have a name, too.

  3. forums and twitter. I have a ton of friends on facebook but none of them seem to care about my blog. lol some friends.

  4. @taletellerin yeah, it's not fun replying to someone who has no name. Well, I'm glad that at least once a month I have new person leaving comment on my blog (tho that person never come back again)

    @atomicgater Maybe they DO read it, they just don't comment. My students read all my post about my pets, she told me that they were cute posts, she told me tru FB not tru comment. On other occasion, I met my friend and talk about something and then she said 'ah yes, I read about that in your blog' . My friends and my students sometimes read my blog, but they don't leave comments.

  5. My best traffic sources:

    1. Google - I basically disappear if/when google filters me. What's really shocking is people googling the blog title.
    2. Bigger blogs in my niche
    3. forums in my niche
    4. youtube
    5. twitter

    My Blog isn't a personal blog so it's easier to get traffic about my particular subject than I would with my musings of randomness.

    We hit 200k for first time this month. :)

  6. @bokunosekai Your students read your blog? I'd never tell them about mine. Well, I might about this one but not about anything with personal stuff in it.

    @mynokiablog Forums seem a good source then. And yes, people sometimes google my titles, too. Or put blog entries into google translator. Heh.

  7. I continue to be intrigued by the google keyword searches that reach either of our 2 blogs.

    Some of the searches really do reflect real trends of what is actually happening or people want to work on, somewhere in this big world.

  8. Youtube rocks also

  9. So far, WordPress forums. Until I get indexed on the search engines.

  10. Google. People search something and come to my page by accident. I don't think they mean to, or stay to read anything.

  11. @taletellerin I didn't tell my students :) ...they found it by searching their own name thru Google. I was writting a post about each of them, what's good about them NOT what's bad about them...I like to think that all of them are good kids. .After they found it, they comes back once in a while to peek what's in it.

    Beside My blog is not something personal...then again, I never much of a secretive person :) They know exactly what I think of certain things

  12. Facebook and Google!

    I guess there is a big scope for extra visitors by posting here too.


  13. I love these forums they are super informative and real people with experience write on them. thanks a lot!

  14. how we do our posts, Blogroll exchanges, Searches, How we post our photos
    social networking, comments and of course the best of all word of mouth.

    there is no fool proof method, just try different combinations to see what works for you

  15. I write about websites and sometimes they tweet about me or something that kind of gets the views going

  16. It's interesting to see how much of a difference the content of a blog makes. Not really surprising but interesting. Like, youtube does not and probably never will play a role for me.

    @bokunosekai Heh. The internet-savy youth of today. But as long as all parts are fine with it, then yay for another way to connect. :D

  17. @taletellerin why isn't youtube works for you? maybe you can create a visual for your fairytale in youtube.

    Btw...would you like to have an Indonesian fairytale? I can be your guess author for that...tho you have to edit what I write because English is not my native and I make mistake here and there

  18. I mean guest :)

  19. @bokunosekai But that would be much too much work and also for me one of the most beautiful things about story-telling is that every reader/listener will create his or her own movie in their head. :)

    Brilliant idea! The more folktales from many different countries the better. And I'm not an English native speaker either but I'm sure between the two of us we could manage one fairy tale. Whee! Just drop by my blog or write me an email and we can talk about the details. :D

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