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Your Blog-num Opus

  1. Now, I know that "blog-num opus" sounds like something an angry student invents right before he drops an English class, but stick with me. I want to see your biggest and best posts (or multiple posts.) What post defines your blog? What is your Huckleberry Finn or your The Grapes Of Wrath or your Ulysses, in terms of what you've produced on your blog?

    So far, I think mine would probably be Katy Perry's Film School.

    Though I've recently begun a massive series of posts based around the abominable '67 Spider-Man cartoon, called Whatever A Spider Can. It starts here.

    So, what, in your opinion, are your best posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A hard question. My best post changes every month. For most recent, I will pick: A Day in Monochrome.

    A post that I have always been proud of is Silhouette. It was one of my first photography projects. I was very happy with the results.

    For writing, I would say The World Was His for the Reading. I was very happy with the review. Plus I got a thumbs up from the directors who produced the film.

  3. Mine is a religious blog, so perhaps not everyone will be into it, but probably my two favourites are posts that non-religious people might find interesting and profitable.

    It's the little things that matter and add up to big things:
    Of Pencils and Blades of Grass

    You never know who might be listening:
    So Who's at the Next Table, Anyway?

    Another favourite is this one on how I made a fool of myself in a culture clash, and how easy it is to make wrong assumptions about people:
    11/11/11 "Would You Like to Buy a Poppy?"

  4. ">Ned & Will. A love story. is my personal favourite. The first of a three part story of a man's last days on Earth.

  5. That went a bit wrong!!

    My favourite is This story. the first of a three parter about a mans last days on Earth.

  6. My most popular post so far is Women: The Most Annoying Thing to Happen to Gaming. It's my favorite so far and people seem to enjoy it.

  7. This.

    I once said in front of a whole blog conference that if your blog post can be read aloud and lose nothing by it, you're not writing a blog; you're writing radio.

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