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Your blog stats - please read.

  1. Our engineers are rolling out some new stats systems over the next week or so.

    If your stats fluctuated it was due to their testing the new system. Your data is safe and getting safer! As a consolation for the inconvenience, there will be a very hot new stats feature available very soon.

    Sorry for the problems but it will be worth it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for your info and off to repost it elsewhere.
    Can't wait to see the magic WP engineers will bring!

  3. thax for th info man, appreciate it

  4. Thanks for the info. I was wondering why I couldn't see the total views of all time for the individual blog posts.

  5. whenpandasattack

    This may seem like a crazy, nutty idea, but how about testing software changes on a test system instead of on the live system? Just a thought.

  6. Thanks for this info.
    It clear now.. Perhaps the new systems will apply as soon as possible.

  7. test system?? what is a test system???

  8. good to know thanks

  9. Wait a stats went up...way up...does that mean it was a false reading. I knew it was too good to be true...

  10. I was wondering that too insider.... There is an explaination for my stats going up though.
    One of my pictures can be found by typing "epic fail" in google and then it appears right on the page. =D

  11. My summarized stats are still weird and incomplete. Hope this will be fixed soon! Theo

  12. Sure, I cannot see the total statistics. Only the daily reports. I'll wait for improvments.
    Thanks for information.

  13. The system even invents new page names! (It's true - in my Top Posts list!) Theo

  14. Good to know.
    Thanks for all the hard work.

  15. gr8 news can't wait to see what this cool stat function is.

  16. This is great news! I love stats!

  17. Thanks, stats seem to be back to normal now!

  18. My stats become 1 click only.... where are the 100000 visits???

  19. ah...phew...I thought something bad happened on my blog stat after the count went down to 1

  20. I also had a huge increase in views (on Tuesday). Was this as a result of the new stats systems, or was it genuine?

  21. I was wondering why my stats was at 1. How bizarre!

    Thanks for the info, looking forward to seeing what the update is about.

  22. Hey, I just started blogging and I got up to 30 hits so far. Now it's down to 1. This isn't a good start, WordPress.

  23. thank you for the info

  24. Me too. It said 1 hit total, and I started to get worried.

  25. omg whew. Can't wait for the new feature!

  26. My stats turn to be 1 hits.

    When this problem will be solved?

  27. barbararaisbeck

    anyone know if the 'top posts' problem is related?

  28. Aha! I wondered why my stats suddenly showed only 1 hit. Thanks for the info.

  29. ryanericsongcanlas

    I was abit shocked as well. I have like 30955 hits and suddenly as I blinked, I only had 1 hit on my BLOG STAT. Hehehe. Anyway, I will just wait for the UPDATED BLOG STAT mentioned. Cheers!

  30. Ah yes... I too am one more person with a sudden stat of one... Glad that its a temp glitch...


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