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Your blog stats - please read.

  1. My stats just plummeted. Keep working....faster, faster....:)

  2. Mine have been changing all day (including stats from earlier this week, and my best day stats). Just reporting. I know you are working on it.

  3. Here to! I am beginning to wonder if the stats have been correct at all these past two weeks.

  4. My stats just went south a couple hundred hits. And it is giving me a totally different stats breakdown, than what I've become accustomed to. This doesn't help consistency.

  5. My stat just hav a new system change retroactively by time zone.
    Thanks for this great job.

  6. it all makes sense now. Thank you.

  7. middleagescottishneanderthal

    So its gonna take time to get round to everyone, well thank god and hopefully soon!!

  8. Please, come on you guys...if it ain't broke don't fix it!

  9. Is this why my stats seem to be stick at the same number of hits for last several hours/

    Yet Sitemeter and StatCounter both show multiple hits.

    Or is there some other reason

  10. got me worried yesterday! I can't wait to see some better stats. I hope something like G Analytics comes out :)

  11. nearlyhometime

    This seems to have screwed up my Global Dashboard!

    My Blog Stats pages is telling me "You don’t appear to have any blogs yet, why not start one?" yet my blogs all appear under the "New Posts" and "My Dashboards" dop downs. Any clues anyone?

  12. Not without direct links to those blogs; how would we know which ones you're talking about?

  13. nearlyhometime

    The global dashboard was showing stats on Thursday, but yesterday and today they ain't! I can still see the stats okay on the individual (hosted) blogs, but not on the global dashboard.

  14. I seem to have "lost" all my stats too. Is this related to the problem or is it something else?

  15. @dlennis Please, come on you guys...if it ain't broke don't fix it!


  16. gravatariscancer

    Cant recover the lost stats???

    I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

  17. Since the work started my blog is seriously fubar. Logging in is a lottery, even though my browser remembers my login details, I keep getting wrong username or wrong password mesages, even though repeating the process with unchanged info works OK. Oh, and if I refresh the stats page it throws me out and I have to log in again!

    My stats page has sprouted a padlock and mouseover says Authenticated by Go Daddy.Com, Inc. What's that about? I posted about that yesterday, but it sank without comment, so please - no complaints about duplicate posts! I have zilch to do with Go Daddy, ever, and I don't use polls.

    Tools says Google Gears isn't enabled - it is - and the admin pages are painfully slow. Oh, and yesterday my hits didn't even break out of double figures! I expected to get the lost hits back by the end of the day, as has happened previously when work is being carried out at WP, but no. And this morning's hits are about 40% down.

    OK, I accept the remote possibility that all this may be coincidental, but I seriously doubt it, so is anyone else seeing anything similar?

    I have reported this to support, but I'm moving house tomorrow and I'm trying to get some info before I have to go offline a for a couple of weeks until I'm reconnected. I don't want problems while I'm using a friends computer to post.

  18. Mine have disappeared completely - according to my stats I don't have any blog at all and invites me to start some - Getting a bit fed up with this and I am surprised that you test on a live system

  19. @marinablu

    I couldn't agree more - looks like the system is falling to pieces. Every time I move between admin pages, for from my blog to admin, I get tossed out and have to log back in - with the problems I described all over again.

    I'm getting heartily sick of this, and, free service or not, this shambles is simply not acceptable.

  20. Damn! "for from my " should read "or from my"

  21. @ronsrealm: This forum is frequented predominantly by volunteers with no backend access. I saw your thread, but having never come across the issue before I was unable to help.

    Staff only seldomly venture here, but they DO reply to support tickets.

    Have you tried clearing your cache & cookies and tried using a different browser?

    If none of that changes anything, please contact support describing all your issues in great detail including browser and version as well as steps on how you see issues.

    I am sorry to hear about your problems and I do hope it gets sorted out for you!

  22. I look forward to seeing what changes are implemented!

    Just thought I'd post something positive :)

  23. Hi Carocat,

    Yep, before I complain I always make sure it's nothing at my end. As I said, I have contacted support...

    "This forum is frequented predominantly by volunteers with no backend access."

    Yes, I know, sometimes that includes me...

    "I saw your thread, but having never come across the issue before I was unable to help"

    You may have read my comment as a complaint - it wasn't - I was just heading off the otherwise inevitable moans about posting twice. And my original post was tagged modlook which, I always thought, got staff's attention. The reason for my original post was, basically, to see if it was a Firefox problem, as IE and Opera seem OK**, which I've told to the staff (though I didn't spend much time there so how they function I don't know) - the lack of response suggests it's not Firefox.

    ** That Go Daddy nonsense comes and goes, so the fact I didn't see it on IE or Opera means little.

    Anyway, as an update, since this work on the stats started, my hits graph has been in almost vertical free-fall,yet the numbers are way better at Clustrmap, and pretty much what I'd expect to see - yep, I know that's not definitive, but Clustrmap usually under-estimates numbers, so it's a very good indicator that all is not well at WP. Today I reckon I'm close to 50% down for this time on a Sunday.

    The message was that our data is safe, yet the missing hits seem to have gone for ever, and that's going to screw up my averages (it only matters to me, but it still matters!). OK, I know it's possible my readers have deserted me in huge numbers all at once, but it's not very likely, now is it? People do drift away, just as new people come in, but the likelihood of a mass exodus is vanishingly small.

    As several people have said before, testing on a live system is flat-out dumb.

    Anyway, for now I'll have to leave it and get on with my packing - and getting my head round the idea of having no Internet for the first time in 10 years. Aaaaargh!

  24. Yes, I did indeed see it as a complaint and just wanted to clarify it as some people assume we're staff. I have submitted three or four support tickets in the last four days and I'm still waiting to hear back on some of them, too. However, if the last 2 1/2 years here have taught me anything, it's patience!

    And I seem to be lucky as my stats haven't been affected at all or at least I can't tell, but I sure can appreciate that it's annoying. Have you ever taken a look at I've been using that in addition to for ages. Site's a little difficult to navigate and wrap your head around, but the stats are pretty good. You just have to make sure you'll exclude your IP address as your own visits will be counted otherwise.

    And good luck with the internet free time. I always find that very frustrating!

  25. not sure if anyone else has requested this, but I would LOVE geographical traffic reports. Just like in google analytics, i would like to see where my traffic is coming from in the country. i have a local business and want to ensure most of my traffic is around my local area.


  26. I'm suddenly being told I have no blogs to see the stats this part of the problem you mentioned?

  27. i have mu blog already but i dont know how to promote it and how can i started to make a comments..hope you help me on this matter..thank you very much..

  28. I'm having the same issues. When I go to check my status on, it says I don't have any blogs yet, meanwhile as of last week, I had five blogs.

    When I log into the individual blogs dashboard (I'm running K2 Theme), the little stats widget shows the abbreviated stats, so the data is definitely being kept somewhere, I just can't see it on the main stats page.

  29. Has it been resolved yet? Some people seem to have their stats working absolutely fine?

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