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Your blog stats - please read.

  1. I am getting really really REALLY FED UP - I have no stats on any of my blogs - a complete shambles if you ask me - I am constantly told I have no blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE SORTED OUT

  2. First glitch in my blog stats occurred this morning. Even though it is now eight+ hours since a new day started my time, the stats graph shows no readers on and on all my other blogs, while the numerical count bottom left says 216 reads -- but that is in fact yesterday's total. Sitemeter indicates I have had visitors since midnight to 8.30 am Australian Eastern time.

  3. As far as I can tell, all three of my sites are working perfectly. Yes to WordPress!

    Shirley Buxton

  4. Once again, things are a total mess on my stats page. My "busiest day" has had a thousand views added to its total, there are no new stats being recorded, the page has not rolled over to a new day and most of my referring links have disappeared.

    The original entry on April 22 said this would be an issue for "a week or so". Today is May 11. My stats have disappeared, been revised, been restored and disappeared again so many times I'm beginning to feel really, REALLY cranky about the process.

  5. So am I correct to assume that the only change to the stats was the time zone thing!? If this is so, then I called it.

  6. My stats seem OK now (2pm my time). Could it be they don't turn over until the usual time (10 am my time) and then "catch up"?

  7. AS of Wednesday, May 13th 2009, I am still being told that I have no blogs. I even tried deactivating and reactivating (putting in the api key and everything) and still no joy.

    The front page of lists all of my blogs and the individual blogs show the stats summary, so the data is being kept.

    Anyone from wordpress actually acknowledge the issue and let us know they're working on it?

  8. Some of these problems may / probably have nothing to do with the new stats features being developed by WordPress, if you haven't done so already it would be a good idea to contact support staff directly and let them know what problems you're experiencing:

  9. discoveringkorea

    I think my stats are working now, but like shoreacres, last week i had a few days with unusually high visit totals, which skews everything. for people like me who make weekly and monthly stat reports, this is a problem. i was under the impression wordpress would automatically restore the actual stats... or do we have to just live with the anomalies? thanks for your help.

  10. My stats seemed stable, except the last 3 days they have been dancing all over, varying by 300-400 hits.

  11. yup, mine seemed stable, it looks like the stats are just slowly updating.

  12. thefrugalcrafter

    My stats are down about 50,000!?! I hope it will be fixed soon, I worked hard for them;)

  13. Glad to know I'm not the only one with peculiar fluctuating stats these past several days. I too hope the problem will be fixed soon. :-)

  14. forcecertified

    I dropped ~1500 page views overnight... this is still an ongoing issue? Or is the blog stats widget a rolling figure?

  15. My stats are still down about 900 views. Does anybody know when this will be fixed?

  16. Well the new stats have a bug, if i'm not logged on WP each refresh or acess i do to my blog count as a View.

  17. That's not a bug; that's the way it;s ALWAYS worked. If you're not logged in, you are counted.

  18. But each time I open a new window or tab?

  19. Are the stats all back to normal now, anyone know? ...Mine are down about 200,000 from last week, I think and I'm not finding any updates for the last week or so?

  20. The stats are not fixed as of right now. Received an email from support, they stated the issue was resolved, and still I lost over 22,000 page views. I am sure they will re-open this bug and fix it for the many it is still affecting.

  21. Am I the only one who went up?

  22. And saldanha, yes. Every click.

  23. My stats are fixed as of today.

    Nick from Automatic replies: I've cleared the server cache for your blog which was displaying the incorrect number. Should be resolved now. Let us know if you still encounter problems.

  24. My stats have dropped 75% since Sunday. Are all the issues resolved and has my writing really become that disposable???

  25. gravatariscancer

    xtap, they recovered your lost stats from the last several weeks?

  26. Great for those whose stats are now correct. My "stat hits" still do not equal my monthly stat total [from the Stat Summary Table or adding my monthly stat total]. I have 294 hits less than I should have. It has always been about 300 versus the thousands reported by others. Hopefully, this will be resolve for all of us soon. --jim

  27. jalexartis - my totals are off by about 2000 when compared to what's in the summary tables. Not sure why there would be a discrepancy.

  28. @ wellsy630

    It could be the timezone you are in relative to GMT, also influenced by daylight savings time [it that applies for you as well as the number of months with WordPress]. I'm -5hrs [EST] & -4hrs [EDT], with ~6 [since 11/30]months w/WP. --jim

  29. @ wellsy630

    ...another factor is probably the number of hits between the end of your day under the old system and the current system. Fewer hits, lower discrepancies now. I am speculating why the wide range of differences. --jim

  30. My stats still aren't fixed. The stats are there, but what was 142,000 dipped to 137,000 and still not fixed. My weekly stats are est. 2,400 wk.

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