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Your blog stats - please read.

  1. Yes my stats are back to normal, I would advise those with the lost stas to contact support and ask them to do the same they did for me.

  2. I asked. How long does it usually take and did they acknowledge they'd done it or did you just see a difference?

  3. @ xtap59

    I've heeded your advice. I have a support request in and I'm now awaiting their reply. Thanks! --jim

  4. My Blog Stats chart has not been working for a week or two now. Instead of the chart, I get what looks like an incomplete website address. What's going on here?

  5. Send in a support ticket. Describe in detail what is not working.
    Anthony fixed mine within an hour or so.

  6. Received a reply from support at 3:09 p.m. EDT today. My stat total is now 160 hits more than the sum of my monthly totals. I've responded informing them. I do not want what the hits my site has not earned. In other words the numbers should balance--net 0. I use a spreadsheet to compare actual with stat summary data.

    My point here is the WordPress support [Anthony for me too] is responsive as xtap59 and 1tess have said. He is currently working to resolve the difference. If you still have a problem, contact support.


  7. thewhitelilyblog

    My stats page is still crazy. For example, today I posted a piece named Confession: Part Five. I did not post yesterday. But a post named '354' showed up in the hits list--and then, a few minutes later, the same title appeared in yesterday's list, which was closed, it being yesterday and all! Also, making the post, I pasted from Word as usual. I had the same problem as always, double spacing between the paragraphs, which is easy to fix, and also two lines were indented and a number 1. inserted. It's funny to me that both 'errors' involved numbers, the number 1 and the number 354.

    By the way, I get usually ten or so views a day, and count myself lucky. So it puts things in perspective, people talking about their million hits a day in other entries in this thread. So for me, it's not the end of the world, just puzzling. But you go guys, no omelette without breaking a few heads. Although perhaps testing it on a smaller number might have been more prudent.

  8. @jalexartis

    I don't think it's a time zone difference, as it's a matter of the totals being different by about 2000 in the two areas.

    That being said, I'm going to take the advice of several here and contact support directly. I'm heartened to hear that they are timely and responsive (unlike a few certain blog indexing sites I can think of ...)

  9. @ wellsy630

    You may well be right. I do not know. As best I know, the one thing that changed is the change in the end of the day for 24 time zones and that our stats from the change back are affected by that change. At some point, maybe support will give us the reason for the difference. jim

  10. While I love google and google analytics it will be interesting to see exactly what the WP experts come up with.

    Love WordPress and use it often.

    Ed Justice

  11. Hi, can anyone tell me if my total blog statistics should be the sum of my totals for 2008 and 2009?
    I was excited a few weeks back to see I had cracked 4,000 but now I am back down to 3890. My total for 2008 is 2653 and 2009 is 1509 - add them together and it's 4162. Thought I'd ask here since it seems trivial to be emailing support...Thanks in anticipation.

  12. So far In my first 9 days I have 516 hits.
    I think the stats feature is very good and will get better. Keep up the Good work WordPress!

  13. francescomarotta

    The blog stats gives me a total of visits to approximately 20,000 lower than the summary table. What happened and how can I fix it?


  14. Finally, I have a resolution [14 days later] from WordPress on my Stat Total variance [The sum of the monthly totals was less that the total pageviews shown by the Stat Widget]. Three different support staff responded. It also took additional information from me for them [or at least one of them] to understand the problem [as simple as it seemed].

    Bottom line: The total shown by the Stat Widget double counted a 20-hour period.

    Thanks to all...


  15. I've been blogging for about 7 wks now and really like I do, however, wish the "preview" and "publish" buttons were not on the same side of the page, as it's far too easy to click "publish" before a post is ready. Any chance that could ever be changed in the format? Thanks much!

  16. Ummm, one is at the top of the publish section, and one is at the bottom. Once is dark blue and the other is white.

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