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Your blog's tagline: how did you think of it?

  1. That little line underneath your blog's name/title, what inspired you to invent it? Did it take you a long time to think of a blog tag line that satisfied you?

    Mine for: Cycle Write Blog is:

    My words, visions and trivia along the way.

    I actually thought of that tag line within 20 min. after I landed on my blog's name. And I was thrilled that I found a unique blog /domain name. So I guess I was on an inspiration streak at that time.

    I still like my blog's tag line.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I found a unique blog /domain name.

    If you purchased a domain name and a domain mapping upgrade then you need help because your link is directling to the subdomain

    one cool site:WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials came to me very easily. It clearly expresses what my blog contains. I had to use the amersand to reduce the numbers of characters including spaces so I could increase the odds of Google choosing to display it.

    this this time – this space: skillful means for conscious living also came easily to me and I like it a lot. :)

  3. La Plume Noire: Photography, Literature, Life

    Pretty much keywords right there :). I don't remember taking too long to find one.

  4. Momfog: Raising Five Kids and Trying to Stay Sane

    Mine was easy because I have five kids, ranging in age from 2 to almost 13, and every day (hour, minute, second) I feel my sanity slipping away.

  5. "Gay Contemporary & Historical Romance" because it is. :)

  6. "Two people in love against the weight of bureaucracy"

    At the time, it was the closest description of the truth for me, but I think it has lousy SEO, so was probably a bad choice.

    Behind the scenes, the title of Love versus Goliath is actually "Love versus Goliath: a partner visa journey" to hopefully compensate for the bad SEO in the tagline.

  7. But teamoyeniyi, your blog focus seems to have expanded way beyond that tagline of yours.

    How about:

    "Two people in love against all odds" :)

  8. Mine was Cobains classic, "Id rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not"

    Which rings true in my life, I wont pander to people and change who I am for the benefit of others, I am as you see me.

  9. "Exploring meditation, meaning and wellness in daily life."

    -- has three keywords that I know are at the top of every page: meditation , meaning, wellness .

    "of Poetry, Images & Imagination"
    -- Same thing. three keywords that hope to draw viewers.

    So I came up with them by thinking how to describe my blog in the fewest words possible.

  10. readytochangenow

    "Daily actions to become who I was intended to be"

    I came up with the name of the Blog and the Tag Line before I even thought of blogging - it is a little long, but states exactly what it is.

  11. I've never thought of having a tag-line, will have to think about that.
    On the other hand I have recently come to see that bloggers are
    recogised by their gravatar picture and that I did not realise that
    my so often changing mine could be a problem for others;
    so genuineapologies if it was;
    I'm just SO very changeable like the weather! -
    Gravatar; theme; theme header; etc.,
    maybe I shouldn't think of having a tag-line or I'd be
    changing that too every other week lol!.

  12. @maidie - not really, because now the real focus is on the book, which is of the battle, so it is sort of the smae - also, hard to change after so long! :)

  13. theinsanityaquarium

    The Insanity Aquarium: Your weekly prescription to lunacy fiction.

    My tagline used to read 'Stories of tedium, reality and falsity' which was essentially a description of my blog, intermingled with my overwhelming desire to think that everything I do is worthless and ridiculous. But then I found as I posted more and the community here was so supportive that a more light-hearted tagline was more appropriate and so I came up with the one above, which stems essentially from the type of stories I write and how many pills I am on at any one time :D

  14. raincoaster: 49 degrees longitude, 360 degrees latitude

    I came up with that in a self-employment workshop. I was warned that it would cost me clients, but the fact is I don't want those kinds of clients anyway. It's a draw for the kind of people with whom I want to work.

  15. Raincoaster, I like that tagline! But then it takes a Vancouverite (maybe) to recognize it. :D

  16. Dovesgold, maybe a tagline wouldn't work for you. If you didn't provide a solid central theme/feel to your blog, then an ever-changing gravatar might turn some readers off.

    Methinks alot (regular) readers like surprises with a running thread of consistency (provided it's in good spirit) in a blog.

  17. @ maidie - yes I guess it's ok then as I do have a consistent thread of nature :)

  18. Any more taglines? Come on, let's see more folks here. Am learning something new about some bloggers here. :)

  19. "everything is playtime in progress: art, poetry, prose and then some. .. "

    I am forever trying to encourage my student writers to frame their efforts as "work in progress" instead of assigning labels that suggest something is either "good" or "bad." So it's from that. Also well, hmmm. is better than work, isn't it?

    I would write more but my sinuses are full of creaky doors and horror sounds making it very hard to concentrate! :)

  20. I dont even have one. I cant think of anything clever.

  21. Rephrasing My Life, One True Sentence at a Time

    I have a creative writing blog and I based my tagline on the words of two authors I adore.

    The first comes from Nicole Krauss:

    “Why does one begin to write? Because she feels misunderstood, I guess. Because it never comes out clearly enough when she tries to speak. Because she wants to rephrase the world, to take it in and give it back again differently..."

    The second, from Hemingway:

    "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know." - Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast."

  22. @jmcartee: you have one now ;)

  23. @jmcartee. I see you have that gorgeous photo as your header. It reminds me of the coastline near where I live. Lovely.

  24. @jessielansdel I agree it's beautiful!

  25. "I talk about parts of the world you probably don't know much about. In a bad ass way." Because it's exactly what I do. I supposed most people to post on this site are from anglo saxon countries, while I am from France and Spain, so i thought it would be interesting to share the crap that goes on here with the world :p I cuss a lot in English and use a lot of coloquial expressions (like "flying figs!" and "flat footed goombah") because I watch way to many Gearge Carlin stand up monologues, so maybe it came to me because I wanted to show that kind of humor in my posts!

  26. "Blogging for the hell of it" because I'm dead serious about not being too serious about something that is inherently serious. Seriously.

  27. "A book reviewing blog."

    Utterly descriptive and uncreative. Oh well, a tagline is supposed to describe what your site is about and that's what it does. It's a book reviewing blog.

  28. Here's are some questions for anyone who wants to answer.

    1. Did you include the keywords that accurately describe your blog content in your tagline? If not, then why not?

    2. How many characters including spaces does your tagline have?

    3. Does Google currently display your tagline in the SERPs (search engine page results)?
    example search string >

  29. Guess I assumed people who enjoy writing, would like the fun challenge of creating a tagline that they like.

  30. My tagline is "Two Sisters. One World. Many Opinions." I wanted something simple that described the basic premise of the blog and I miraculously landed on it. I'm pleased.

    To answer @timethief's questions...
    1. Yes. I feel that tagline's are like the back cover of a book, a sneak peak.
    2. 38.
    3. I'm a bit new to blogging, but when I typed my tagline into Google, my blog was the first search result. If that's what you mean. :)

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