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Your blog's tagline: how did you think of it?

  1. I love old film posters, especially horror ones that exclaim, in all capital letters, things like "SUSPENSE! TERROR! BLOOD!" So "Monsters, Jokes, Analogies" seemed appropriate.

  2. Actually I'm not good on writing that's why it's so hard for me to think about the title and tagline. If you will see my blog the title and the tagline has no relevance. Maybe you can also help me with that if it's ok with you guys.

  3. "From one Alter to Another". Since my alters are communicating now, I thought that was fitting.

  4. I love old film posters, especially horror ones that exclaim, in all capital letters, things like "SUSPENSE! TERROR! BLOOD!" So "Monsters, Jokes, Analogies" seemed appropriate.

    Inventive, danielfunny! It's a great idea.

    Momniazpopot, what is your reason for blogging? To improve your writing? To reach out to people and communicate with them via blogging?

    Yours is good one too, kyllingsara

  5. TheLostHawks: oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright

    It's an excerpt from the famous poem Casey at the Bat, which is a famous piece about a baseball player.

    But more importantly, I started my blog when I took off on a road trip. I was looking, literally, for sun, good weather, and good times. So far I've traveled to 10 states that I'd never been to before and have seen and done some really awesome things.

    This is a really good question, and an interesting read so far.

  6. ok good

  7. I don't know how visible my tagline is, or where it appears.... but it's

    Gin soaked showbiz tales from the king of obscurity

    I wanted to immediately place a caricature in people's minds - the souped up, hyper-real 'writer' that I portray is a failure in the entertainment industry, so the tagline hopefully provides a quick frame around what I'm trying to do.

  8. My tagline is "Seeing" things a little differently.

    To me....means two things actually, first of all, I really do see differently because I have monocular vision and near sighted in the other, was born that way and it was difficult living with an eye that was disfigured ...until the age of fifty when I had cosmetic surgeries to fix the eye.
    secondly, I view this world through the reality that someday i could possibly be blind, thus forcing me to "see" everything for the beauty that it truly is.

    The idea came to me very easily.....

  9. hahahahahahaha... I totally forgot mine as my theme dose not display tagline.. Hell I even forgot that everyblog has a tagline.. :)

    Anywyas, I checked and it is this,

    <B>E != mc^2. Einstein said it. No joke. Trust me.</B>

  10. E != mc^2. Einstein said it. No joke. Trust me.

  11. My blog title is {glory's notes} and my tagline is "unloading brain content of all sorts". When I started my blog a few years ago, I wanted to chronicle my work projects (I am a Sr. Web Project Mgr). But I began to add lifestyle + fashion posts to web and social media post, which just seemed so unorganized; hence the tagline. Eventually, I decided to create two blogs to separate the two. Now my blog, is mostly on fashion, things that inspire me, travel, good food, basically anything that piques my interests. And is all things web communications, social media and branding.


  12. I have two blogs with Taglines I will admit to

    Boating Safety Tips, Tricks & Thoughts from Captnmike

    Can't remember if I was thinking when I did that or not - doubt I put a lot of effort in it and I wonder if I should make it more concise or something all the time -

    Then I have another site for my general thoughts - was going to do political commentary but never quite go started with that idea - so I just put my random whatever on it - cookie recipes and general observations around the town. - Title and Tagline:

    Mumbling Mike
    Because there is nothing wrong with talking to yourself

  13. My blog, Being Blacksilk, as this for its tagline:

    My sex experiences and fiction, honest sex toy reviews, erotic photos and art, rants on sex and society, musings and moreā€¦

    Because that's what my blog contains! A bit of a boring tagline, but it describes my blog well.

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