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Your dog's favorite TV channel and The Art of Racing in the Rain?

  1. I finished this book a few days ago. All I have to say is I Love Enzo. His canine perspective on his family was very interesting. Made me look at my ball loving, tail chasing friend a little differently.

    I think though she might like to watch...Boomerang...she's all about the entertainment!

    What would your dog watch?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And here is the link to my "read" page, just in case you would like to join the conversation...

  3. My dog, Chase watches "Animal Planet." I was told animals aren't interested in TV, but he sits, watches, and goes nuts if he sees another dog, a cat, or geese on the screen.

  4. Too funny. If you read the book you find the main character Enzo, the dog, has quite a human reaction to television.

    My dog tends to be a bit "hyper", she needs to watch something to calm her down...
    Any suggestions? Lifetime, Food Network. Oprah??

  5. I tried having my dog watch Lifetime and AMC with my wife, but they were both going through too many boxes of tissues. They would also eat all the comfort food, and the crying and howling were keeping me up nights. Strangely enough, "Pretty Woman was their favorite movie.

  6. burlapandboots

    Hmm...yes Lifetime may be too sad, she is a sensitive dog. Gets her feelings hurt easily. Maybe Food Network is still an would be great if she could make dinner every night.

  7. My dog would watch Family Guy and The Simpsons with me. I guess he liked the cartoon dogs. :)

  8. idiotphotographer

    My dog loves watching horror movies with, they equal extra cuddles.
    Left to her own devices in choosing a program though, I suspect it would involve food. Lots and lots of food.

  9. Scary movies...never thought about that. My dog is not very brave, she would probably prefer a thriller...that is about as scary as she will go.

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