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Your Extreme Family Tree , all the way to sub-sub-particles !

  1. Right now the world of Physics is in a stale state , no existing theory , Quantum or Relativity , explains the Universe correctly and fully , most of the discoveries including the transistor and LED were made by chance .

    Here , the Unifying Property of Nature , UPN , confirms our gut feeling that Nature must be extremely simple at its Foundation .

    Indeed , the UPN shows that we are made of just one ‘element’ , and in the process it hints at eternal energy available all around us and at the Direction to be followed in science research for the benefit of all .

    Before you will delight yourself with both the Simplicity and Surprises that makes Nature , you need to keep the infinite wide picture in perspective : we all are part of the same ‘dough’ and we all need to address at least two issues :

    Our future :

    And our Health :

    Now settle down with your favourite mind opener and discover your deepest roots , all the way to sub-sub-particles :

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