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your Favorite Blog

  1. Here you post what is you Favorite Blog. Post as many s you like.

    Chocolate and Zucchini
    La Tartine Gourmande

  2. Lol Blog
    just because it makes me laugh xD

  3. Laptop memo, we all know you love your blog but still its getting asnnoying.
    My favorite blog....

  4. I find it hard to beleive that a 12 year old loves italian cooking blogs...

  5. Could he possibly be older? Look at his maturity level.

  6. mature people dont say that their 12 in almost in their every post here.

  7. Well he's probably an immature mature then, eh ?

  8. The reason why is that I'm home schooled (thank god), 2 my mom is a chef.

    Now leetgamer, please stop with your posts.
    What's your favorite blog?

  9. My own. Hopefully I'll like it more in the future..

  10. I think I like my own, too...but I also crack myself up...

  11. I mean to post other peoples' blogs that you like!

  12. Laptop memo, that isnt a reason, i am also homeschooled.

  13. Laptop, your not that bad, i am sure you are nice in person, maybe you need to chill on the internet, i used to be a brat on forums too, practice helps.

  14. ok passionate, thanks for the info. I like your blog a lot by the way. Do you have a favorite blog?

  15. i like lorawow's blog. sigh i need help w/ my header

  16. digitalbreakfast

    My own, obviously, Kotaku, and io9.

  17. um laptopmemo do you eat cookies and stuff while you're being home-schooled?

  18. Toaster, what did that mean??? That was a pretty weird question.
    Laptop, in my first post i put a link to my favorite blog. Do favorite sites count too?
    This is my favorite site...

  19. I like cello's blog. His reviews are pretty clear and straight to the point.
    @laptopmemo : So you're homeschooled. Well that's where all that smartness is coming from..

  20. I'm asking if she eats cookies and icecrean while she is learning.

  21. celticmusicfan

    Mine woud have to be Poppy Z Brite's :
    and mine: ;P

  22. morethananumber

  23. no, I don't east cookies while being home-schooled. Favorite sites count too everyone!

  24. leetgame's blog as its got some interesting reviews and im a gamer lol

  25. tellmewhyimwrong

    "timethief" has a blog that is information-packed and super easy to navigate!

  26. and it's other branches :3

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