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    Hi all.
    1) Is there anyway to make ivisible the little blue white box which remains at the right part of my page?
    2) Is it possible to disable the comments permalink etc, and not to be visible?
    3)How do i make the link in the ”live” page to open up in a new window? I tried it but it seems it doesn’t accept it… dont know why , although the links in the ”links” section work fine.

    thank you very much



    1) Looks like you have a text widget in there. Try getting rid of it. With that theme, you’re going to get stuck with a sidebar no matter what you do. if you really just want to have as little as you can in there, I’d go ahead and use a Recewnt Posts widget that would just display links to your posts instead.

    2) No, you would have to edit the theme to do so. Since we’re on a shared environment for the themes, you would be editing it for everybody who used that theme and they would be doing the same to you.

    3) Add in target=”_new” to the link in question. For example:

    <a href="" target="_new">INDEX</a>

    Just for reference telling us it doesn’t work doesn’t help us when you don’t tell us what you did. :)

    Hope this helps,



    Ok, thank you.
    I did the link part but still cannot dissapear this box.
    I would like to have my sidebars empty even from links that routes to my posts. Is this possible? How could i edit the theme? Is it possible not to have recent posts part on the sidebar?

    thank you in advance



    You cannot edit themes at WordPress.



    I just looked at your Live page and the link opens to a new page. Looks like it works to me.

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