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Your ideas please. What should my blog header image be?

  1. saxontempleton

    Hi all - thanks for clicking thru. Almost a month ago now when I started my blog it was called De Bono's Black Hat - Alternate Takes on the Everyday. If you know a bit about Edward de Bono and his 'thinking hats' then the Black Hat is the negative and critical one. Originally I planned to be cheeky, irreverent and (here's an Aussie phrase for you) 'take the piss' about marketing campaigns that I - well - let's just say thought could have been done better. However in the six minutes that I've been posting here I've found variety is the much better way to go and that very definitely includes positive posts whilst, of course, always trying to find time to be rude about Meatloaf. Not the food.

    So now my very temporary image isn't suitable. But what would work? Hmm...I'm completely open to suggestions (as the nun said to the baseball team) and wonder what you creative type peeps think. Here's my 'About' page as to what my blog is about. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Perhaps you could include the images of the coloured hats, or in this case black. Somehow you need to let the readers know why there is a hat there though.

  3. saxontempleton

    Thanks alot noirciplume. I could have been clearer. I was watching Roger Federer lose at Wimbledon! Poor Roge. I have changed the name of the blog to just Alternate takes on the everyday and lost the hats reference. I was thinking some stylized web, social media, signage, marketing etc icons with a grungy/alternative feel. Might put it out to some crowd sourcing sites perhaps. Whatchathink?

  4. that means it's a lot easier for Murray to win!

    The header sounds interesting enough. You should start creating one. I would like how "stylized web, social media, signage, marketing etc icons with a grungy/alternative feel" looks like :)

  5. I would take a photo of your hand and turn it to black and white, but on the palm of your hand draw a smily face.

  6. Take a few photos of things in your everyday environment (or, if you have a scanner, you can use some old pics and scan them at fairly high resolution.) Then, find an interesting (and tiny) sliver of content in the background, crop to there, and blow it up to the size of a header. You could end up with blown-up wood grain from your kitchen cabinets, a super-close-up on a leaf, or something else that's an alternate take on the everyday.

    That's the procedure I used when creating my header image.

  7. saxontempleton

    Thanks for your ideas!! :) haha noirciplume now I know why my art works team hate my design briefs. Ill try & do something this weekend. Thanks again

  8. Perhaps you might consider a montage of great marketing ideas that have failed. A segue driving and Edsel?

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