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Your Last Good Book, Film or Show

  1. Downton Abbey: perfect.

  2. @Noir that's my Favorite Show, though the 2nd Season doesn't start until January for us in the States... Can't wait, have been watching the 1st Season a bit in preparation... Maggie Smith is my Favorite all time Actress

    And the Writing is just Splendid

    Film; The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (2009) The Earlier Version, though I very much want to see the New One... Watched this for the First time last night, it was just awesome. I will most likely be doing some form of Review for it, be it in my Filmcraft Series, or perhaps I'll wait and do a Special Post on the Trilogy

  3. josephvincent37

    Anything Can be Dangerous by Matt Hults and James Roy Daley. Weird, freaky, weird, odd, creepy, weird... oh deja vu. Seriously fun read in any case.

  4. Book: Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson (I'm getting an iPhone); TV: Grimm

  5. I don't have a TV so I have to wait for seriesr to get on Netflix - I just finished watching Saving Grace - I loved it.

  6. @lerdy My Mom's Boyfriend read that as well, and loved it

    Film; Arthur The New one... Hmm.. The first third of it was Dry... As I watched it, I actually enjoyed all three of the Actresses in it, and he was fine... At the end, like the Original, it gets pretty Human... So... I liked it, but I don't know if I would recommend it, lol... I wasn't expecting much, and so got something out of some of the scenes

    The Girl Who Plays With Fire Part 2 of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy... Awesome

    The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest The Final one of the Trilogy... Watched all three of them in 4 or 5 days, thought they were just Awesome... I actually did a Post about em on my Main Blog The Written Word

    Like I say there, the First one in particular has some pretty Brutal/Graphic Scenes, so be aware if you decide to check these out... Overall, a Great Series, Smart, Action Filled, Mystery, Intrigue and Powerful

    Cowboys and Aliens I had actually wanted to see this in the theaters, but didn't get a chance... But it was actually 4 or 5 times better than I expected... Directed by the guy who Directed the Iron Man Movies, Produced by Ron Howard and Grazer (They are Awesome Producers, make a really Clean Product), and Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg, who lets faces it, Knows Aliens, lol

    Anyway, this is like a Top Notch Cowboy Flick, with Bad Ass Aliens tossed in the Middle of it... I highly recommend this Film, and might do a Review of it at some point

  7. T.V. Downton Abbey Season 2 Downton is back, and I really enjoyed the Premier... Looking forward to watching this New Season

    The Good Wife Well, after not really enjoying this show too much lately, not because of the Acting which is Great, but because the Storyline has kinda been all over the place. But not this week. This weeks Episode Kicked A$$, and is exactly the kind of Episodes that has made a Fan... It was definitely one of the Best Ones I've seen, though I missed at least Season One.

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