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your name on search engines

  1. hi guys... how are you everyone? its been awhile since I last posted in the forums..
    but I have a quick question about "our" names in the search engines
    when I type my blog's name "kath flores" on google, yahoo etc. what i see is kathflores23 and the link which will redirect to my blog.. I wonder why my username on wordpress appears and not my name or either the name of the website? please help thnx :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All of the threads on these support forums are indexed by Google almost instantly and anyone using the interent can view them. When you post a thread or a comment in one your username appears. What Google chooses to display in regard to your blog is strictly between you and Google. We cannot help with that.

  3. thank you for your fast reply..
    uhmmm .. is there other way i can change it?

  4. Is this what you want to do? Change your username

  5. thanks ...yea but i guess my name ...someone has already had that username :(

  6. That's too bad but it doesn't stop you from using your name on your About page and your The Artist page on your blog.

  7. yea :) .. guess my name wasnt that unique at all now a days :(

  8. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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