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    I’ve talked about this with Carolyn some weeks ago.

    I think the pagination links (those numbered links at the bottom of your posts that indicate your post has multiple pages) should be right beneath the text of the post and not below the likes, sharing buttons and ratings.

    I’ve made a little screen shot, to show you what I’m talking about:

    I know it’s a screenshot of my “Truly Minimal” themed blog, but this applies to all themes on WordPress.com.

    Let me explain why I think it would be better to have the pagination right below the text.

    I think with the current placement the pagination is easy to miss. When reading a post, to me it looks like it ends, when I see the likes, sharing buttons, … I assume over 90% of all posts on WordPress.com close with one of these features. The readers get used to it so to speak. I worry a visitor might read a paginated post, see the likes and think “Well it’s finished”, might stop reading and miss the rest of the post. That’s why I think the pagination should be right below the post text.

    What’s your opinion on this? Do you agree and think I’m on to something or should we leave everything as is. Love to hear from all of you. :)


    The blog I need help with is iqatrophie.wordpress.com.



    I agree.




    I’ve just stumbled over a post like this. If the author wasn’t ending with a phrase like “see next page for more infos on this” I wouldn’t seen it.



    Thanks timethief and zodiac1978 so far.

    I’m really trying to convince Automattic to change the pagination placement. That’s why feedback would be more than welcome. Help me out, please. :)

    Everybody is welcome. From first-day blogger to regular volunteer. My hopes are, if enough people like to see this changed, Automattic might consider doing it. Carolyn (Automattic) advised me to discuss it here in the ideas subforum. So tell me what you think.

    Silence implies consent ;)



    In this case silence is not golden. ;)





    Moderator Emeritus

    I agree: showing the page numbers below the likes, sharing buttons and ratings looks as though no one gave a thought about the design of the layout. Before those buttons were available here on WordPress.com they were easily seen at the bottom of a post, but now they look as though they are some unidentified numbers floating on a sea of lost codeā€¦

    I’d even go so far as to wish we could add titles to them instead of having only numbers.



    First thank you to airodyssey and 1tess for you input and that you’re with me on this. :)

    Concerning the “titles” idea you mention Tess. I think it’s fantastic. I love the idea of adding titles to the pagination links. I don’t know how this could be implemented technically but I thought about adding the titles as an attribute to the ‘nextpage’ tag like:

    <!--nextpage title="foobar"-->



    +1 for Titles and numbers


    I like the idea. It seems logical to me to keep links directly related to the content right next to the content without other social sharing and like buttons getting in the way.



    Yes, it’s more logical.
    But personally I add links manually; example here:

    In my experience, nothing is foolproof (pun intended). For example, TT or Tess or I have often responded to users’ questions by linking to posts of mine like this one:
    Despite the titled links, a user once protested that there’s no content there at all, just a bunch of stupid comments…


    Foolproof isn’t necessarily the goal :) more like: best overall experience, all things considered. What is sometimes missing from the general public’s perception is all of the behind-the-scenes factors (i.e. resources) that go into making a decision/change on something like this.

    In any case, totally worth discussing! Even if it ends up that WordPress.com doesn’t make the change.



    Hi Martin (and others),

    I’m one of the developers who worked on the likes/sharing/etc that appears at the end of your post.

    What you’re requesting is actually what we originally intended to do, and had always assumed we’d be able to do. It turns out that the way that most WordPress themes work, it’s not actually possible (right now) without making a bunch of changes.

    In case you’re interested in the technical reasoning: we attach the likes/sharing etc via a filter which adds them to the end of your post content, making sure that they’re the last things displayed. To give theme authors as much flexibility as possible, post pagination links are actually output using a special WP function. In most themes, that’s just included right after the post content, but the problem is that the likes etc are technically “part of the post content” as far as WP themes are concerned.

    We’re looking at maybe changing the way that our themes use post pagination, so that it is also appended to the end of post content, and then we’d be able to juggle the order of these things around and put them before the likes/sharing, which is what we always intended to do. Unfortunately that requires changing about 200 themes, along with the CSS related to those elements, and probably breaking the layouts some people have customized using our Custom Design upgrade :(

    So this is something that we’re aware of, and we’re looking for a good solution to, but unfortunately right now we just don’t have one. We’ll continue searching and trying out alternatives, and hopefully we can come up with a way to do this without creating even more (new and different) problems along the way!

    Thanks for your feedback,



    Hi Beau,

    thanks a lot for the detailed, technical explanation. At least I understand the problem/difficulties now. At first, my hopes were, you just would have to make a small, minor change in a template to fix it.

    If you ask me, pagination should be part of the post content just like share/likes/etc. In my eyes it’s an essential part, as it directly relates to the content. If you miss the pagination because of its current placement, how can you make a fair judgement about whether you like/want to share a post/…?

    Btw., if this requires the changing of all current themes on WordPress.com, the problem will get bigger and bigger with every ‘Theme Thursday’.


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