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Your Opinions on Starting a 2nd Blog

  1. alifebewhiskered

    I'd like to ask your opinions on starting a second blog. I sometimes think of topics that might make nice blog posts but that don't really fit with my current cat based blog. Sometimes it's just a thought I have, or an opinion. Sometimes it's a nice photo I've taken that isn't of one of the cats. But I don't know if I will really have enough material to keep a second blog going.

    So I have 4 choices that I can see:

    - Include these new items in my current blog but under a new category.
    - Start a second blog with my current account.
    - Start a second blog with a new account (a split personality like the Maiden with 4cats).
    - Forget all this talk of non-cat related posts and just keep going as I have been.

    What do you think? How have you found it having 2 blogs (those of you who have)?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. With me all I talk about is Michael J. Fox thats all my blogs are about, so I really dont think I am going to make a new one. It depends on if your wanting to write about a new topic if thats the case then I would write a second blog with the same account but if you dont want to talk about other things then do what you have been doing.

  3. Ifs fun and the second blog doesnt have to be posted in all the time. Ide say give it a try. That way we can start new together.

  4. I've got two, but the second gets not nearly enough attention from me. Probably because I am too focussed on my main one in real life at the moment. I've kept the second one, as when things settle down I will be better able to pay it more attention - I hope.

    I started my second one for the same reasons you are talking about, alifebewhiskered.

    As you can see, it is totally different

  5. I recently started a second blog for things that don't go along with my main theme. I think it's a good idea, and you don't necessarily have to pay close attention to it. It just keeps things all cleaned up that way.

  6. I love it when questions I have been thinking of asking pop up! I also have a 2nd blog as somewhere to put photographs without having to go into so much detail - for some reason I have stopped putting photos up on FB. It is also a fun way of exploring a completely different theme.

    At the moment however, the 2nd one sits under the umbrella of the first one and I need to do something about separating them, is it too late? More exploring . . .

    Have fun and go for it!

  7. There is no risk to have a 2nd blog. Make one. It's not like buying a second car or something else that you need to think a lot. If one day you got bored with your 2nd blog, just leave it there. Or change it as your test blog, you know, to test new themes or html codes or anything else.
    Just make one while it's free :)

  8. alifebewhiskered

    Thanks everyone. It seems like it's not an uncommon thing to have 2 blogs then. I've stopped using Facebook so now I'm at a loss as to where to put my non-cat photos and nice links I find...and general comments on life. I wasn't sure about including these things in my current blog or not, but I have grown very fond of my little niche blog, so I think I will start a new one.

  9. dribblingpensioner

    Start a second blog with a new account as i did for the same reason as you, you will make mistake's posting here as the wrong person, midaevalmaiden does it all the time :)) ( hi Sara ) you will enjoy the challenge.

  10. alifebewhiskered

    I'm working on the new one now!

  11. @pattikuche I learned that this is what the 'transfer blog' button does. With it you can take your blog out from under the umbrella and asign it a new seperate email address.

  12. thequietvoice18

    I have one blog where I write about anything that interests me - books, music, life, etc. - just because I think having a second blog would discombobulate me and require too much effort in the upkeep. I prefer blogging about a variety of things as opposed to keeping subjects separate, I suppose.

    However, if you're aiming to attract viewers and subscribers through blogging by niche, then starting a second blog wouldn't be a bad idea. :)

  13. dribblingpensioner

    @pattikuche and lifewith4cats, you are supossed to have a seperate address for each blog

  14. Do the split personality thing. I have run both my blogs like that and it's fun to find different kind of blogger

  15. @lifewith4cats and dribblingpensioner, thank you for advice! I thought I had a separate address but have been unable to 'transfer blog'.

    The other blog is

    but comments posted from it fall under the primary blog. Which I assume is the problem - how to convert a secondary blog to another primary? I am sure the solution is as simple as I am proving to be . . .

  16. dribblingpensioner

    hi pattie, i started a new blog and tried to transfer a new address etc with help on the forum and it did not work.

    so i deleted it and started again, you don't want " another blog " you want to register under a new address and new user name and get a "new " blog, it's about the only way it will work.

  17. dribblingpensioner

    @pattikuche, BTW the picture's in the new blog are not showing, and the dark colour is hard to read for people with sight problem's, hope you don't mind me saying :)

  18. @dribblingpensioner, that's it for that theme! The paintbrush has gone in and converted it to something a little more manageable and viewer friendly. I hope!

    @alifebewhiskered, as a showcase for what not to do I am sure your 2nd blog will be smoother progress for you!

  19. alifebewhiskered

    Thank you everyone.

    New persona, new blog...done!

    Check out the 'What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?' sticky topic.

  20. @dribblingpensioner - I have only now discovered your previous comment with having to start again, something I suspected I might have to do. . . Did you get to keep username etc?

  21. dribblingpensioner

    the user name etc is lost when you delete it, as i said,

    " a new address and new user name and get a "new " blog "

  22. Apologies for your having to repeat good advice dribblingpensioner. I plead cross-eyed frustration at not having seen clearly! Thank you.

  23. dribblingpensioner

    @pattikuche, to many late night's make's you like that :)

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