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    Hey fellow bloggers,

    I wanted to know if there is a way to have your own (create your own) forum.
    I saw some other fellow bloggers have their own forum (though it was a self hosted blog).
    I was wondering if there is such a possibility for us freebie bloggers?

    Any suggestions/ideas?


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi! Adding a forum to your blog is not currently an option on

    There are some more discussion-oriented themes like P2 that may work for you. P2 is great for creating a forum-like site for discussion of topics.



    Nah I really want a real forum, with all the forum bells and whistles.

    aww… :(



    One way to a Forum is to link to a free Forum, there are a few that have been mentioned here in other threads.

    Try searching the Forum here or with a bit of luck one of the members that has the Forum names bookmarked will drop by.

    To put a Forum inside your WordPress site would require moving to a self hosted WordPress.ORG site.



    Hello, starsquid,

    There is plenty of free forums to chose from and link from your website via the new Menu option

    Also is the free hosted version of it’s very popular among bloggers and very easy to use and to also set up…



    Thanks guys. Yea I guess the only way right now is to link it to a free forum.

    vanillaforums looks really nice, though it’s a paid service… :(



    @star vanilla forums has a free option as seen by visiting this link → price chart the free version is the first option

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