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Your pillar post: post that exemplifies you, writing style & gets many hits

  1. This maybe be tough:

    But most of us do have seminal/pillar blog posts that we are particularily proud of, a blog post that exemplifies the best of who we are and also its a blog post that continues to get decent viewing traffic.

    If you could choose one post per blog that you own/have content, give the link here!


    This blog post was rejected after I submitted to a magazine. Anyway..... it does best capture the essence of my passion, cycling but also who I am in spirit in terms of my identity no matter where I travel world-wide. It expresses my love of art and how I tend to see and what I notice to capture in photos to share. Post does continue to get views, whereas other highlighted blog posts do not. Oh well.

    This gets less views but was a blog post I enjoyed writing it and selecting photos for it. Again it is "me" in terms of what I notice and how I tend to think...I mean not just food but when I'm put into a foreign environment.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are a few in some of my Topic Types in my Blog that come to mind.

    As far as Creative Writing/Story Telling, I was pretty with Fifth Part of my Dark Rider Blog Series

    Dark Rider - Ambush At Fallen Wood

    I've also Written many Poems that my readers seemed to respond to, and I was particularly pleased with this one

    A Grip on the Darkness

    I've also been Writing Film Reviews from my Killer Flicks Page, as Film, and Film Making is one of my Greatest Passions. I was particularly pleased with this one

    Thor - In Review

    Other than that this Article seemed to go over well, and I was very pleased with it

    5 Favorite Foods

    As my Blog has a large Variety of Topics, it's kind of hard to Choose One alone that captures me... But these come pretty close


  3. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    I just started my second blog a month ago.

    Here's my pillar post:
    10 Things I Hate About the iPhone

  4. I'm hosting a festival in November and people keep asking me, "what is the theme, why are you doing this?" Well, this is why -

  5. So no one else who has been blogging for several months, years have their favourite best pillar post?

    It would be great to see the best of your blog post.

  6. I find it difficult to find just one Pillar Post in my blog as I use a lot of inlinks and so people often go to posts I want them to go to... and in a way, that distorts the stats. But the one that people do gravitate to quite a lot that, I think, expresses a lot of 'me' and what my blog is about, is Finding Myself - The Gemstone Pool

  7. My blog is the Grassy Knoll Institute. It is many things, been called many things, had tomatoes thrown at it, has sexy women in Halloween costumes, exposed the secret of ABC Lost, but most of all, my first post ever, i expose who really was behind President John F. Kennedy's assassination.
    I Was The second shooter on the grassy knoll

  8. Absurd: What an interesting journey re your dream and different key people who would have influenced that dream.

    And the process you went through to understand about yourself, etc. Great stuff! I can see why this blog post is truly "yours" and reaches into the essence of who you really have become.

  9. Timethief defines what a pillar post is:

    "5. Create at least 4-6 pillar posts and continue to create pillar posts;
    Pillar posts are also referred to as flagship content. Pillar posts are comprehensive posts that offer great value to readers as the contents are timeless in nature. They define you as having authority in the niche you blog in"

  10. My Experiment With Writer's Block

    This is my favorite post and the second most popular on my blog.

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