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  1. chemicalmarriage

    Greetings from Chemical Marriage; my online persona to promote my art. As you fondle my pages look for ways I can improve my online presence. It would be most appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I fondled your pages indeed and I like your work. The site organization is simple and easy to navigate. Maybe you could use a higher resolution only suggestion so far...

  3. I liked the mix of artwork and essay. Very elegant, with an air of mystery. .

    I have a question though. Does mistylook have flexible width columns? It must. At first your left column looked a bit narrow to me. Then I realized why. My blog theme is also mistylook, but my left column is wider and I've gotten used to seeing it that way. I do tend to feel an affinity for other blogs that use the same theme.

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