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Your proud possessions.

  1. Hey there,
    as title suggests, you can tell everyone here about any of your possession you are proud of and why. Its gonna be interesting:)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, my proud possession is my mother. Really, i am lucky to have her by my side. She is hardworking, loving, caring and honest. I love her. Yeah we have some arguments sometimes and she is a bit authoritarian but thats fine coz every coin has a flipside.

  3. Proud "possessions" - my two boys who keep me on my toes at all times, my husband who may be the only one in the world who has patience for me , my Canon 40d that goes everywhere with me , and my Jeep Cherokee , because 4 wheel drive in a jeep is just fun :)

  4. My degree. The ink's almost dry and everything.

  5. My socks, they're really cozy.

  6. jamie..that degree can become quite proof. Proud possesions: my blogs, paintings,calligraphic works, photographs, handmade cards and clothing that I've sewn.

  7. Gotta be my kids.

  8. invisiblemikey

    A possession I'm proud of? I like the laptop I'm writing this on, and I have a favorite guitar (Godin Multiac - nylon string MIDIguitar), but I don't really base my pride on stuff, so I'll go with Pete's socks.

  9. Don't know that I'm particularly proud of any possessions. I am proud of having achieved getting some of them. Particularly having been able to move from an urban area to a rural one and getting a really nice house too.

  10. @absurdoldbird
    Well said! I'm with you.

  11. @tt - :)

  12. My command over English language and nothing else.

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