‘Your site’ gone from stats page?

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    I see the ‘your site’ referrer is gone from the stats.

    Am I then correct in assuming that total views – all referrers – search engine referrers = your site? That would still give me an idea of how many views I get from my site…




    “Your site” was just a measure of internal clicks around your site, in practice it wasn’t that useful and confused a lot of people.



    Tx, Matt… It seemed helpful for me, as it gave me a sense of the interest of people visiting and returning visitors, but I can see hoy it confused people…



    The measure of ‘internal clicks around your site’ was really useful IMHO as it indicates real people actually reading content not single hit visitors from stray searches.

    Given that description, I don’t see why it should be confusing at all.


    Yeah, I’m with Andy on this one. It really wasn’t confusing and it was helpful seeing how many people were visiting on their own instead of from referrals.


    Also, it seems that the counter is not counting “your site” visits anymore. My numbers are much lower than normal considering the hour. Anyone else noticing the same thing?



    I’ve noticed similar things. My sitemeter stats tell me I have many more page views than WP now. Wasn’t like that before, although it could just be my imagination.



    Remember though that SiteMeter is counting people visiting your home page while the stat page is only counting actual post views.



    Gaminghobo: Your Sitemeter account is also counting your page views while WP.com’s built-in stats page ignores those views. If you’re anything like me, that could in fact explain the discrepancies in numbers.

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