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Your site stats don't define your success here!

  1. How do you consider your blog a success? I'm obsessed with those stat numbers but I love it when new readers read and connect with what we are doing. The huge stat days are exciting but it's building a consistent readership, subscribers and a community of people that's more important. What about you guys?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I write something and post it I normally get a viewership of about 40, so if 40 different people are reading something I've written after only doing this thing for less than a month, I'm happy.

  3. It's all about quality and not quantity. I keep that drilled inside of me, and yet i'm still reminding myself. However, I'm also happy with my stats and the comments I receive. It started off slow, but it's slowly getting where I want to be.

  4. Making friends online is the same as making them in person. You need to invest time on the personal end as well as creating good content frequently and promoting it. It's not about stats it's about connections which lead to regular readers, subscribers and comments. Any time you waste on staring at numbers will be much better spent on commenting on similar blogs. There are ways of baiting comments and encouraging comments and attracting targeted readers to your blog. The first strategy to try is to reply to every comment and click through to the blog. Do you like what you read? Then submit a comment and say so.


    When people take the time to share their thoughts, it makes my day.

  6. I'm a new blogger and slowly becoming addicted to the site stats. Okay, maybe not so slowly. I want a dialogue between myself and my readers but my problem is finding new readers. There's only so many times I can plug my blog on Facebook and Twitter without feeling obnoxious. Thoughts?

  7. Time thief hits the nail on the head- read and comment on others blogs. The minute I see someone's comment I always go to their blog and check it out. This helps build community.

  8. I like stats, but I'm a comments junkie, and really it'd be nice to know that more people consistently read what I have to say. But comments are what I really live for, really long comments, and discussions that come from them. I'm better at getting comments and friends on other websites, but I'm working on it here.

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