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Your support page says you can embed an excel spreadsheet using MS Skydrive -

  1. I know that you recommend scribd in order to "embed" spreadsheets into a post. There is at least one disadvantage I have found in this method in that Scribd does not keep the grid lines in the spreadsheet - whereas there is a option on SkyDrive to keep the grid lines. The problem is that when I copy the code and embed it into a post, it just displays a blank space. I have removed the s from the https:// as recommended but still no luck posting. Since there is a article on your Support site indicated that its possible to embed a spreadsheet using SkyDrive:
    can you provide any insight into why its not working?
    ....thanks in advance.
    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is likely something staff will have to address since I doubt any of the volunteers here have a SkyDrive account. I'll tag this for staff attention, but in the meantime, look back over the support document and make sure there isn't anything you have missed. Hopefully staff will be around soon to give some advice.

  3. Scribd converts everything to PDF when you upload things - so - just convert (print) to PDF on your PC and print the grid that way then upload the PDF document you made to Scribd then embed it -

  4. Thanks for the rapid assistance.

    I did double check the support documents (reread it three times) just to make sure I was not missing something. As noted in my post, I even removed the s from https:// as is advised in the WordPress Support document. Still no luck. So, I would appreciate an assist from WordPress support since they wrote the document perhaps they can help me understand why its not working.

    In the meantime I can just print to PDF and post it. Thats probably the better solution anyhow.


  5. I am having same issues. Following If I go back to the visual tab I see the yellow box but if I save or preview it does not show on my blog post.

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