Your theme Arras require custom fields, and you don’t have them…

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    I find it a bit odd to discover that you have made a theme available that can’t be made to work properly since you don’t offer the necessary options.

    The theme Arras (now available for blogs hosted at looks very odd since it leaves huge chunks completely emtpy where thumbnails are supposed to be shown. The thumbnails require “custom fields”, something that is for some reason not included at

    Is this an oversight, that you approved this theme for use at even though it can never work at as it is supposed to be?

    For example, see my and compare it with what it should look like

    The blog I need help with is



    Interesting…when did that theme become available? I cannot find it in the usual list of themes at Appeareance > Themes



    The theme was available briefly and then was promptly removed. I expect it was taken down for just this reason and once it’s fixed it’ll be available again. It was very attractive.

    Custom Fields and classes appear to be on their way but not quite ready for prime time at



    Must have been very briefly. Not that I check the themes list every day, but I think I would have noticed. It would even have convinced me to stay at Like you said, it IS a very attractive theme. Nothing even remotely like it on



    The theme appeared by mistake in your dashboards for a very short period of time. It is not yet available for use on As it is still undergoing a formal review process for compatibility purposes, the theme may become available in the near future. Stay tuned for any official announcements.



    I will just hang on to it for awhile then, with the blank spaces :-)
    Waiting to see if custom fields will show up soon.



    yup yup i was very happy when saw this magazine style themes appear on theme list. But when i install it hiks hiks arras theme won’t work properly. can’t wait until “custom fields” shown on the theme (^_^)


    I doubt custom fields are likely show up here. They will probably take that part of things out of the theme.

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