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Your thoughts on having comments enabled on About page?

  1. What do you think? Is it better to have comments on or off for About pages?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ps. I'm not asking about, I just forgot to turn that off.

  3. Definitely enabled! It gives readers a chance to give feedback on your blog.

  4. invisiblemikey

    Definitely on, Val. If someone likes your work they may wish to introduce themselves.

  5. Definitely on. You never know what you'll get. Take a look at mine:

    Love, hate, jokes, confessions, you name it.

  6. @raincoaster - I must be losing my brain (more) - I looked for your About page earlier on today and couldn't find it!

    Hmm... it's the 'you never know what you'll get' that worries me... ;)

    @invisiblemikey - I'm thinking of this for a different blog (that I'm currently working on and hope I will be publishing one day soon!) There's a contact form for people to use on my art site on the home page and people have been in touch. :)

    @noirciplume - of my older blogs, I had one About page with comments enabled, and one without. I can't remember which was better, hence the quesiton. Also I'm interested in what other people think. :)

  7. Definitely on. As for what you get I always moderate the first comment from everyone. Even so there is only one comment I didn't publish, I turned it into a post instead and reported it to the Human Rights Commisson.

  8. Definitely on. You never know what you'll get. Take a look at mine:

    Love, hate, jokes, confessions, you name it.

    hahaha.. Yeah I remember.. Except for my comment you had replied for all other comments.. Since then I started disliking you :)

  9. Haters gonna hate. I'm not seeing your comment, Freddie. What did you do, "Love your blog check mine out LINK"?

  10. I just said I had to learn from you on how to blog :).. Link? hell, I was so immature back then, I did not even know how to link my blog to my name..

    God you are obsessed about people who try to get hits that the actual person's obsession on getting their hits.. LOL.. Peace out plz..

  11. I don't see why not. I guess it depends on the blog itself. If it's a blog about nothing in particular, like mine, comments are welcome at all times.

    If it's a professional blog, or a cause or something, and the purpose is not up for discussion, I could see comments being disabled, making more sense.

  12. @mattconlon
    You have been gently told by another blogger that you are not welcome to promote your blog here. Your response was to amp up your posting here in a forum your don't belong in rather than blogging off. Your blog is not part of the community and these forums are only for bloggers. Please find another place to promote your blog. Thanks, in advance, for listening.

  13. @mattconlon - have a look at the forums:

    Not only will you find the right place to post about your self-hosted blog, you'll probably also be able to find info related to it there.

    I noticed on one of your topics that you do have a blog, but unfortunately you're not linking to it here in the forums, instead you're linking to ones that are self-hosted. As Timethief says and as I said to you, here:
    These forums are just for The two are different.

  14. Thanks everyone (so far) with your responses to this topic. I still haven't decided...

  15. Sorry, I didn't realize that until someone pointed it out to me earlier. I will fix my profile this evening. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  16. @mattconlon
    Hooray! I'm so glad we connected because I saw a lengthy trail of your comments everywhere. Best wishes with your blog. :)

  17. @absurdoldbird
    I apologize for the off-topic exchange.

  18. @everyone - Again, sorry for the intrusion. I have fixed my profile, it should now be pointing to the blog that I have that IS hosted by

    I'd have fixed it earlier, but was out all day.

  19. @tt - that's okay. :)

    @mattconlon - glad you got that sorted out. From me too: good luck with your blog! :)

  20. I still don't understand what the hell Freddie said. No wonder I didn't reply.

  21. Nothing wrong about allow people to comment on About Page. Reminds me to check whether or not I've allowed comments there. Ah heck, it's not going to change my life over night if I can't remember this detail.

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