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Your time capsule

  1. phoenixtearsheal

    If you were to bury a time capsule -
    What would you put inside? :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. £50. You never know when you may end up homeless.

  3. phoenixtearsheal

    lol fortunately there are laws against that kind of thing y'know :)
    and I wonder what £50 would buy in 100 years time.

  4. Dove, in a way I consider my blog a time capsule of sorts. I really do. However I don't know how long my blog will be around.

    Seriously, this is the way how I see my blog:

    Some blog entries ...before a sister died.

    Another blog entry, where there is a photo of cyclist, who is standing and waving.

    Now, a year later he is permanently paralyzed and quaddriplegic in a wheelchair after a paragliding crash. He is someone local whom we have met in person prior to accident.

    I have some photos in some of my blog posts taken from trips nearly 8 yrs. ago. The blog post includes a blend of this year's photo and older photos to form a post topic theme, a summation of my overall experience.

    I have also photos and entries from 2010 Winter Olympics...because I lived in the host city. So that already is a time capsule looking backward!

  5. I would put some sort of diary in it. To remind myself of the lessons Ive learnt and to allow my future self to see the mistakes Im currently making.

    And maybe a collectible of sorts that might be worth a lot of money in the future. Heh.

  6. phoenixtearsheal

    Wow Maidie it really is a time capsule; I'm coming to have a look at your Winter Olympic pics and hope you will be blogging for a long time to come :)
    I'm really sorry about your sister and friend :(

  7. Yea, I actually enjoyed some the Olympic pics..especially the fireworks and some of the artwork that was showcased. Of course, seeing the athletes compete was cool to witness.

    Your blog visits are appreciated, dove. I left a comment or so.. :)

  8. A book with all my memories and feelings in it. Its would be amazing to look back at what I've done in my life. A horse saddle, i love the cherish the sport. It built me up and it made me the person I am today. Lastly I would put a Photo of my brother whos going into the Air force, I'll miss him dearly

  9. phoenixtearsheal

    I enjoyed your blog Maidie, I bookmarked you so will be back :) Thanks I got your nice comments. I liked the art, and the video the native people did, and fireworks too, I love Chrysanthemum rockets :D

    I found out that my 'Whinberries' are the Huckleberries like in Huckleberry Finn ;D

  10. phoenixtearsheal

    Nice Gina, I like your choices :)

  11. £50 probably wouldn't buy much in a 100 years considering we're all going to die at the end of this one :P

  12. phoenixtearsheal

    I knew there was a reason I never liked crystal balls lol.

    So if you could choose one of these three dead 'uns, which would you like to be when celebrating next New Year's - Vampyre; Werewolf; Zombie; ? :D

  13. Vampire obvs. Dye my hair platinum blonde, get a long trench coat, I've already got the English accent. Sorted.

  14. For a time capsule I would probaubly put the original anime series in it, Pokemon (original), and sailor moon and such. My kids will know the original dangit. And Probably something pretty from around the world while I visited around so maybe one day if I open it or somebody else they can appreaciate it.

    I would be a werewolf because I would want to still enjoy food and the sunlight. Zombies are icky...

  15. phoenixtearsheal

    @ pete - we'll just call you 'ard spike from now on then :D Loved Spike he played it brillliantly.

    @ tearlily - Pokemon are great :D Must say I preferred the Werewolves (shape-shifters) from Twilight than Dog Soldiers lol.

  16. Yes at least they get to change when they want unlike some who have no choice but to change during the full moon! They also get to live as long as they want to looking the same forever!

  17. theinsanityaquarium

    I'm not sure what I'd put in my time capsule. Maybe jellybeans.

    And I would totally be a zombie, they're cute and cuddly, what more could you want?!

  18. Um...wouldn't jellybeans get stale or if they are in a vacuum place would they stay nice anf fresh...and Zombies can get a little nippy...

  19. Depends if the time capsule's for me or other people. If for me, I'd put a note saying why I buried the time capsule in the first place. I'd also include my name and address just in case, by then, I've forgotten who I am and where I live! *grins*

    If for other people... I'd leave a note saying "Gotcha!"

  20. I would put some food and some books, medicine and today's copy of The NY Times.

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