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You're censoring me?

  1. blocked from global tags.

    My blog may be a bit provocative, but I have seen far worse from people who have been here far longer who continuasly write smut with no creative content. They post porn and all sorts of other stuff. How is it I'm blocked? Nearly 40 followers gained within a short period of time shows there is an audience. My genre is a niche, but now I'm blocked because it doesn't fit the "Norm"?

  2. Your blog is mature.
    But it has not been blocked from being published online. continues to host it. If you find other blogs hosted here which "continuasly write smut with no creative content." please report them as mature as well.

    If you have found a site on that is hosting mature content, please use the Report as Mature option in the blog menu of your Toolbar to report it to us. Our staff will review the blog’s content and take action as necessary.

  3. No, I know how it feels to blocked, I will never report such findings... Just mark the thread as resolved.

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